Monday, July 25, 2011

Sometimes fast goes slow...

I got my skill builder block done today.
And I made HUGE progress (so I thought) on a charm pack quilt for my mom.
IMG_9628 (this is not yet the messup stage)
Until....I actually did the layout and then realized
*headdesk) that I apparently hadn't read the directions as well as I thought I did and pieced blocks together incorrectly. Um...more than 2/3 the time.
In fact, even taking into account the extra blocks I was supposed to have, I only had 12 blocks that worked.
Enter seam ripper. Over and over again.
The pieces are now for the pieces that will go on the back, because I just couldn't rip anymore.
Sometimes fast is slow...

On tap for Monday:
Row 4 of the Rockin Robin
Finishing the back and borders on the bright batik quilt.
Maybe even the quilt sammich if possible.
Quilting the bits of my Make it Modern swap. I am debating handquilting. I'm just not sure.

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  1. hehe :D I hate when I put them together wrong!