Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finish A Long Link Up

Over here, I had listed eight projects to complete this quarter.
It was all part of Quilter in Gap's Finish A Long.
2012 Finish-A-Long

They were:
1. The Monkey Quilt.
2. The Pink Tile quilt.
3. The Across the Sea boy quilt.
4. Rockin Robin.
5. My 241 Noodlehead bag.
6. Random square quilt.
7. My long overdue Dead Simple QAL cross quilt.
8. My red, grey, & black bee block quilt (using blocks from my 3x6 rounds)

The ones that are done as of right this second:
1. The Monkey Quilt
Monkey quilt
2. The Pink Tile Quilt
pink tile quilt
4. Rockin Robin (my worst quilting to date)
Finished Rockin Robin
5. 241 Noodlehead bag
241 bag, Loulouthi
7. Dead Simple cross quilt (This is the quilt that gets the most use in the house)
Ella H's Dead Simple Cross quilt, detail

Status of the Rest:
3. Across the Sea boy quilt---untouched
6. Random square quilt--back pieced...may or may not get finished tomorrow
8. Red, Black, Grey bee quilt--I'm going to piece it tomorrow or Sat. Finally chose a layout.
It's not going to get done this quarter

Other Projects I did this Quarter:
Copious amounts of Bee blocks
For the Love of Solids swap item
Mug Rug Swap
Covert Robin swap
Stained QAL top
Pleated Box Pillow Sew Along (THANK YOU, Lindsay!)
Sew. Happy. Quilt. top
6 shopping bags for The Pirate
Mouthy Stitches swap
Sparkle QAL

I didn't enough sewing done today...

because I had to get my eyes dilated at the eye doc.
That was approximately 5 hours ago and I still look like I've been at a Grateful Dead concert.
We have the lights off in the house because my eyes still hurt.
Luckily, this time I didn't get a migraine. (I'm super sensitive to light changes and have gotten migraines the last 2 or 3 times I've gotten dilated.)

My goal tomorrow is to pin baste two quilts.
Sat's goal is to finish piecing another top.
I'm going to link up to the Finish Along Sat or Sun. I'm sure I'll still have some UFOs.
And that's ok.
I'm still having a good time....