Sunday, September 25, 2011

my poor fingers...

Well, I got the Across the Sea QAL pinbasted.
Not a good idea after cutting up your fingers from applying 40 grommets the day before.
My fingers are owie.
Hence, no work on the Hoopla today.

Still to do tomorrow:
Skill Builder block
Quilt the Across the Sea quilt?
lace up the bits of my Scrap Bag Competition piece
Make binding for bra edge
Start sewing quilt for dance partner (I want to try to get it done this week before she goes in for surgery)

Still on the to do list, just not tomorrow:
Finish quilt for 100 quilts
Start pouch design for Pretty Pouch swap
Pincushion for Sewn Spaces swap
Hoop for Hoopla

I just need to put off hand stitching for a few days til my fingers heal.