Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Finishes for Quarter 1

I've been trucking along and have some finishes that I (apparently) haven't shared here.  I've been kind of absent from blog land.

My original list was here.

I've finished the following:


1.  peacock costumes..no pics and kids took them home

2.  Hedwig costume..ditto

3.  Costume sashes
pageant sashes

4.  Zelda quilt

Zelda quilt
5.  #droidqal quilt

6.  red/purple quilt

Red/Purple quilt

7.  Serenity circle quilt
Serenity quilt

8.  knitting bag/pouch
knitting bag

9.  Moda building blocks
Moda building blocks

10.  Mineral quilt (still needs pics)

11.  AMH improv quilt  (still needs pics)

12.  Mystery Medallion with Karie (now a pillow!)
Mystery Medallion

13.  pincushion!

14.  Hexy diamond

progress made:
epic sampler
who tank 1
who tank 2


1.  pennant scarf
pennant Shawl

2.  alluvial plain shawl
Alluvial Plains

3.  gradient shawl
gradient shawl

4.  bowties are cool MKAL
bowties MKAL

5.  hedwig hat..gave it to child before I apparently took a photo.

6.  stag hat
stag hat

7.  Reyna shawl
Reyna shawl

8.  felted shawl (pics still needed)

9.  doodler, version 1.0
doodler 1.0

10.  Muppet Doodler
Mupper doodler

Total finishes so far:  23...with 1 pending, pics needs on 3 (in terms of pics still possible)

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