Sunday, March 10, 2013


Ok.  So my parents are coming this week.
That's not the torture bit.

The torture bit is the fact that I had to clean out/clean up the guest bedroom.
See...that's my sewing storage place. felt the need to have a bed to sleep in when they get here.

So...I'm *still* cleaning it off.

That means I haven't gotten any crafting done, really....because I've been cleaning.  (I did get some pattern testing done for one that's being released shortly.)

I had to clean out a hall closet to clean out (*cough* hide *cough*) some of my stash.

And it was so torturous.  Not only do I HATE cleaning  (even at my most OCD, I don't like completely scrubbing it all away), it was like an attack of "oooo...shiny".  SO MANY PROJECTS.

I also got a migraine Sat night, thankfully after The Pirate's sushi bday dinner at Tomo.  I was not an affectionate fiance at that point because I needed absolutely darkness with no sound.  (That also meant I didn't Zumba today as I had the post-migraine wobblies.  Does anyone get that?)

I tried to console myself that next week will be all mine.  (I can sew after work....and re-mess up the room. Hopefully, I'll cross a few more dones off my FAL list...and make a delivery to Project Linus that is long overdue.)

The  other HUGE news is that I get to go to the Stash Bash.

So.  There's that.

And I apologize for the lack of pictures.