Sunday, August 19, 2012

I had a fab birthday!

I kind of stretched it out over three days.

Friday, I went to the opening of FolkFest with the Pirate and two of my favorite ladies.  That meant free T-shirts and lots and lots art to look at.
Um..I forgot to take pics.  I had a lot of fun talking to Scott Weslow from Mud and Guts in Maine.  The Pirate got an evil Tiki mug from him.  We both kind of loved an evil plant vase (reminded me of the plant from Little Shop) wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
The ladies, the Pirate, and I went for dinner after to TukTuk.  I had Pad See Yoo.  I haven't had it a long long time.  It was super yummy....I ate it all.  (So much for my weightwatcher plan this weekend.)

Saturday, the Pirate and my two ladies went to the Piedmont Art Festival.  I didn't buy anything other than King of Pops popsicles, but I saw lots of more lovely art (and the Pirate bought me Sesame fries from Yumbi, which I think is one of my favorite food trucks).

After heading home to shower off the sweat from walking around for hours in the sun, we headed out to see "The Campaign."  I laughed a lot more than I expect to (and I expected to laugh).

Today, my actual birthday, my first present was Tacha's Hexa Go Go book from The Pirate.  He made me homemade hash and an egg for breakfast. Then I went to Whipstitch, got some stash (more than I should have bought), and then headed to Zumba at Atlanta Fusion Bellydance (again with my two ladies and one more).  It felt really good to turn 38 trying to stay in shape.  (And it made me feel less guilty about the cupcakes later.)

I came home to sew, in theory.  I ended up not getting much done, but laundry.  I have work tomorrow.  I need to print out the paper piecing sheets for the last installment of Sew Intertwined and the most recent block for the How Far Will You Go QAL.  The reality was I wasn't feeling great about spatial stuff today, so I didn't want to start cutting my Hope Valley and screw it up.

It's on tap for tomorrow to help me ground myself before school starts with children.  That and cutting up a crapload of charm squares for swaps.

I had a low key eve.  Time with the animals and The Pirate.  He made me hamburgers and roasted taters.  The two ladies had snuck away yesterday to get me cupcakes from CamiCakes.  I split An Elvis and an Almond Raspberry one with The Pirate.  Mmmm.

But, y'all have been patient.  What you really want to know is, who won the giveaway?
I ran 1-57 through the Random Number Generator and it brought up #56!

That is Pat V.!  I'll contact you for your info, so you can get a copy of the pattern from Julie!