Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've got a cold in my nose...

and hopefully continuously fixed AC.
The repair guy came out today (forcing me to get a sub at work) to replaced the broken drain pan in the AC unit.
It appears to not be leaking now. (PLEASE, UNIVERSE, LET IT STAY FIXED.)

I accomplished little...other than grading and planning for the camping trip.
I had intended to sew, especially after I thought my dance rehearsal was cancelled.
I got ONE block done...for something I can't post about yet.

I was going to cut up dad's quilt fabric.
Then I got the confirmation that rehearsal was still on.

While I had a blast with the ladies, I kind of wish I had been able to just sew.

Monkey Quilt (rows still need to be sewn together)
a Prayer Flag charm pack quilt for me (blocks sitting in a baggie)
2 Across the Sea QALs (which are caught up)
Skill Builder blocks (caught up)
Sew Bee Blissful blocks (waiting for fabric to arrive)
New Bee Block (hopefully designing tonight, as I need to sew and mail it off this weekend)
Billboard QAL (designed once, needs to be redesigned, currently sitting on back burner)
Dad's quilt (fabric selected, not cut yet)
Mom's quilt (IN NEED OF A LONG ARM QUILTER'S SERVICES...or I need to suck it up and hand quilt it)
School Bee block (I think I have 3 out of 11 circles sewn on...why oh why is it hand-sewing circles...circles that are supposed to be unraw...and sewing that has to be invisible?!)
The Scrap Bag Challenge at PingsandNeedles (pattern, check!, still waiting for bag of scraps to arrive)

I really really want to sign up for more swaps. Yes, I know I'm crazy.
I have signed up for the Hoopla at Misfit Quilters. I can take something for that with me on the camping trip, I think. Which will only work if I know and can stalk my partner by Mon. Hrm.
Anyway, I have a really cool (at least I think it is) swap of my own in the works...I'm just waiting til the camping trip is over to announce it.