Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stash Bash

I lucked out and got to spend an amazing weekend with some rad women at The Stash Bash.
Y'all, I will so be going back next year!
I came a bit late to the game on Friday.
I had a lovely table area with Jenn T. from Charlotte, Sonya (did I spell it correctly?), and Amy of Amylouwho.
Amy had some lovely Heather Ross, Sonya was working on a Nicey Jane, and Jenn showed some love to Sweetwater Hometown on her quilt.
I brought WAY more projects than I could possibly finish, even with some sweat shopping on my part on Sat.
I got bullied (cough cough) into instagram and have some pics up there.  I have yet to upload stuff from my phone and/or shoot pics of my I apologize for a no pic post.

Here's what got done:

a bunch tote bags (8...I brought 10, but didn't find the other 2 til I had assembly lined the rest and was ready to be done with them) *thank you, ladies, for giving me permission to NOT do the two hiding*

Pieced the Heal quilt top and made binding

Made binding for the Orbit quilt (which I finished putting together Thurs night in my packing anxiety)

Finished binding the Must Dash quilt (which is getting dried right now and gifted tomorrow)

Sewed up til the tube stage on my Scrappy Tripalong blocks

Screenprinted a few panels for a surprise for Trav (THANKS AMANDA!!!)

Got a lovely pouch from Tammy at Karamat in the Pouch Swap

Won a Harry Potter bag (WOOOOOO, again, that Amanda screen printed)

Got hugs from Jacey

Ate a lot

Laughed so hard with Elizabeth and the Birmingham crew  (Marla, Kim, and Katie)

Bought some more fabric

Oogled Jill's Tula stash and her ubercool tattoos

Met a ton of other folks who I hope I'll be able to keep in touch nice to put real life faces and voices to blogs I've been reading (Safieh, Kelie, Beck, Amy...and so many more!  I'm sorry if I didn't put up your doesn't mean I didn't have fun meeting you, I'm just crashing)

I came home and crashed.  HARD.
Not sure if it's allergies, the weather, or if I'm fighting another cold.

Wooo!  Parent conferences manana!