Sunday, September 30, 2012

3rd quarter FAL

2012 Finish-A-Long

For the 3rd quarter of Rhonda's FAL, I went big.  REALLY REALLY big.
I didn't do too shabby.  I almost made it through the list, but I stalled out on a couple of projects.  (Plus I added a crapload of bees to the mix and prepping for Sewing Summit.)

1.  Postage Stamp quilt.  NOT DONE.
I made progress.  I honestly would have gotten this done today, but I hurt my  back last night.  Moved wrong and pulled something.  Owie.  I'm icing and Tiger balming it today, so no plans to pin baste today.

postage stamps in progress

2.  Red, Black, and White/Grey quilt. DONE!
red/black whole quilt done!

3.  The Stained Quilt.  DONE!

4.  The Tree Quilt.  DONE!
the elusive tree quilt

5.  The Pirate's apron.  DONE.
Pirate in Apron

6.  My Soda Pop quilt.  DONE.
Soda Pop done!

7.  The Hexy MF quilt. STALLED OUT.  I have two rows sewn together.  I'm slow at hand sewing and I'm finding maneuvering difficult once the row gets a certain size.
Hexy in its glory

8.  The Across the Sea boy quilt.  DONE.
Finally done!  Boy Across the Sea Quilt

9.  Hexy Bag.  DONE.
Hexy tree bag

10.  Snail bag.  DONE.  (I carry this to work with me every day.)
Snail totebag

11.  Medallion quilt.  FINALLY DONE!
Modern Medallion Done!

12.  Red Wonky stars. DONE.
 The Pirate and I are now referring to this as the Hand Turkey quilt.  Yes, it looks like one of those turkeys you make out of your hand when you're little.
Hand Turkey/Condiment/Wonky star quilt

13.  Green and Blue quilt.  DONE!
Fiance's quilt!

14.  Do.Good.Quilt.  DONE.

15.  Coaster Set.  DONE.


16. Dog bed #1.  DONE.  (The cat has actually claimed this now.)
Dog Bed ##1

17.  Dog bed #2.  DONE.  (Dog gets dibs on this one.)
Dog Bed #2

18.  Quilt for B.  I made some progress on this, but I'm not sure I can give it to the person it was intended for...I was making it for a friend who was going through IVF.  It was her last chance and it didn't work.  She's now started the adoption process, but I don't feel like I can give this to her right now.  
Ghastlies for B.

19.  Converging Corners quilt.  No progress made.  I think I know who this is going to.  She's due this winter, so it will end up on the next list.

Converging start

20.  Orange and Purple quilt.  DONE.
Orange and Purple Done!

21.  Swoon.  DONE.
My finished Swoon mini

22.  Table Runner for R.  DONE.  I'm delivering this for Thanksgiving.
Table Runner, done!

23.  Secret project for Sept.  Done!
ipad sleeve Remember Sept ipad sleeves summarize.
19  out of 23 done!  Not too shabby.  And, um, the final quarter is gonna be BIG as well.  I hope.

Crafty book projects!

I am a book addict.
There, I said it.
That...along with a fabric addict, a project addict...oh, and chocolate.  Let's not forget chocolate.

I wanted to do a ton of Travel Handmade stuff for Sewing Summit, but I'm running out of time...and I'm not great at garment sewing.

In fact, the green skirt I made to embellish....well, I had plans.  Until I tried it on.
And,'s WAY too big.
It fit once.  Three months ago.  And then I lost a little over 15 lbs.
So, I'm not sad it doesn't fit, but I'm going to have to take it apart and resew it.
I'm also going to have to resize the pieces I've got for a Tula skirt and a spider skirt.

Anyway, I wanted something small.  Something I could tackle.  Something that isn't a pouch.  I went for a book I'd been looking at for a while.

my craft book selection
A belt!  I don't own any.  (Er.  Didn't.) The reality is that I'm going to have to make my jeans work for a while on my clothing budget.  Since I've got another 10 lbs as a goal (at least 10), a belt seemed like a good plan.

I've actually got supplies for two, but I only got one done before I hurt my back...more on that in my next installment for Rhonda's FAL.

I'm linking up to Craft Buds this!