Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I keep forgetting to post...

So, I don't have any awesome pictures today.  I have a few coming, I promise.

I finished Tube Quilt #2 today.  It's all washed and crinkly even.  I finished the Sherbet shawl.  Needlebooks almost done.

I'm hand quilting Starlight #2.  I am kind of dissatisfied with the needles I've been using.  Anyone have great recs for a needle with which to use perle?

I've been prepping like a mad woman for Stash Bash.  I cannot wait.  Literally counting down.

In the meantime, I've got a boatload of parent conferences.

Oh, and I'm running the 4x5 bee over on flickr this round.  It's a learning experience.  The spreadsheets (and sharing them) was NOT as easy as it should have been.  My fault, I'm sure.  I had to get the hubs to help me out when googledoc refused to be cooperative.  Still not sure why it suddenly stopped doing what I wanted it to midstream.

Any who...

Prepped for Stash Bash:
43 (soon to be 50) Tula sampler blocks
Penny Patch quilt
Feathers #2
Squares and stripes geek quilt
Tutti Frutti sock

Still have to prep/pack/decide if it's coming with:
7 Tula sampler blocks
bee blocks
metal clasp purse bits
Sew Together Bag kit  (def. need to pack)
Stitched in Color bag
Hexy Diamonds (not sure if I'm bringing it)
sock yarn scrap blanket (it's good mindless knitting)
Gypsy Wife quilt (I may just bring the book and a stack of fabric)
Starlight #2 (if I don't finish it before then)
Heal circle quilt as you go blocks

I will be packing and cutting this weekend!