Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Goal, ALYOF

I got the top done.  Still trying to figure out how to quilt this one.  I think I want to send it off to a longarmer, but I have some budgetary I'm getting the house painting done and have the new washer and dryer to contend with.

Moda building blocks

It's HUMONGOUS.  84x96"

Other finishes:

#pirateswap make
(I kind of want to keep this)

#muppetcraftswap make
(I really really want to keep this, too.)
muppet mini

Ike's mini

Ike's mini

Leo's mini

Leo's mini

still need to photograph:
the dress
Misdirection is quilted and bound (and washed)

I've got an idea of what to add to my August ALYOF goal....Gypsy, mayhaps.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some finishes

Sadly, sewing has not been major.  I have three tops sitting, waiting to be basted.  One may be too big for me to actually quilt.  It may sit while I try to save up for long arming.

Instead, I've been trying to get my house more in order.  Please note that I haven't even begun to try to attack my guest/craft room.

I painted the living room, the dining room, an upstairs hallway, most of the laundry nook (what I could reach anyway), and part of the entry way.  I have to get a pro to finish the two story parts of the job.

I'm going to get a glass shelf made this weekend as the buffet I have had for...ahem...14 years still doesn't have shelves.  Once I get that organized a bunch of stuff should actually be in the right place now.

I got rid of three bags of knitting magazines (thanks, Casey!), three huge bags of books, a book shelf, pillows, some wall stuff, lots of scraps, a crap ton of picture frames, and I'm working on getting rid of a desk and a rug.  Whew.

Oh...and I had to get a new washer and dryer as they were both acting up and are 15 years old.  That process has been an ordeal.  Let's say at this point, I SOOOOOOO don't recommend Lowe's.  I'll be in the process of writing a bunch of not nice letters to them this week.
So, I have had to deal with an abundance of dirty laundry.

I'm a nervous wreck.  I hate change.  I've been stress sewing today and yesterday (after spending an hour yelling on the phone to the Lowe's people and alternating waiting on hold).  I finished a bunch of stuff:

I made a dress.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'll post up pics on IG first.   Trying to decide it it's just not flattering.

knitting bags, set one
knitting bags, set one

knitting bags, set two
knitting bags, set 2

knitting bags, set three
knitting bags, set 3

Also worked on:

Lizzy House Fauxdori
Lizzy House fauxdori

Fauxdori for Karen
Fauxdori for Karen

Fauxdori for MIL
Fauxdori for MIL

Fauxdori for Ginny
Fauxdori for Ginny

Fauxdori for Trollop
Fauxdori for Trollop

C&S Fauxdori
C & S Fauxdori

and an extra one for me and my #pirateswap partner

tardis fauxdori
#pirateswap in progress

C& S improv quilt turned into two pillow shams to go with the Misdirection quilt (hopefully getting basted later this week). Pics coming soon.

Next up...I'm going to try to tackle some of the guest room.  I need to get quilts into storage.  Getting pool noodles and a bolt of muslin to that end.

Working on this week:
#muppetcraftswap (in progress)
#muppetcraftswap in progress

 Zelda quilt
Mini for Ike (I need to get this one mailed off)
mini for Leo  (ditto)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

FAL list, quarter 3, 2015

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So, in the trend of making MAHOUSIVELY large lists, I'm just going to throw it all in.  I have a bunch of stuff on here as pre-Christmas makes.

I currently have about 3 tops that need to be basted and quilted.  I also want to sew a bunch of clothes for my wardrobe.  In all honesty, this list will probably last til Dec.  I just want to get started on Christmas stuff.

Sewing goals:

1.  #whedonverse swap


2.  #muppetcraft swap


3.  #pirateswap


4.  Moda Modern building blocks quilt

Moda Modern Building Blocks

5.  Gypsy Wife quilt
Gypsy Wife

6.  Misdirection
Misdirection test

7.  Castle Wall mini
Castle Wall block

8.  Zelda quilt
Zelda quilt

9.  Heal Gemstone quilt
Heal May

10.  Tear Drop quilt

11.  Raspberry Kiss cat lady quilt
Raspberry Kiss Cat Lady

12.  Small world QAL

Small World QAL

13.  Knitting bags (set 1)

knitting bags, set 1

14.  Knitting bags (set 2)

knitting bags, set 2

15.  Knitting bags (set 3)

knitting bags, set 3

16.  C & S improv

C/S improv

17.  Leo's mini

mini for Leo

18.  Ike's mini

Mini for Ike

19.  Catvent (Lizzy version)
catvent scraps

20.  Hexy Diamond
Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic

21.  Dress 1

dress #1

22.  Dress 2

dress #2

23.  Dress 3

dress #3

24.  Dress 4

Dress #4

25.  Tunic 1

tunic #1

26.  Tunic 2

Tunic #2

27.  Tunic 3

Tunic #3

28.  Esme blouse

Esme blouse

29.  Steampunk quilt

30.  Meridian 2

31.  Tangential
part of the border, Tangential

32.  Doctor Who sampler
Dr Who!

33.  Patchwork City
patchwork city

34.  Cross quilt
cross quilt start

35.  Itty Bitty Broken Star
broken lonestar

36.  Modern Medallion

Modern Medallion
37.  AMH improv

AMH improv

38.  C &S Fauxdori

Fauxdori in C & S

39.  Lizzy Fauxdori

Fauxdori in Lizzy

40.  Fauxdori for Robin

Fauxdori for Robin

41.  Fauxdori for Karen

fauxdori for Karen

42.  Fauxdori for MIL

Fauxdori for MIL

43.  Flannel pj pants

pj pants

44.  pouches for Wellspring

pouches for Wellspring

45.  Mystery Medallion quilt with Karie

mystery quilt with Karie

46.  Starbright 2
Starbright progress

47. Fauxdori for Ginny

Fauxdori for Ginny

48. Tunic 4

tunic #4

49.  Dress 5

dress #5

50.  Dress 6

dress #6

51.  Owl Pillow

Owl pillow
52.  Fauxdori for Trollop

fauxdori for trollop

Knitting goals:

1.  Socks scraps blanket
socks scraps blanket

2.  Felted shawl
felted shawl

3.  hat for FIL

hat for FIL
4.  socks for Karen

socks for Karen
5.  May mystery socks
Atlantic Currents 2 (became May Mystery)

6.  June mystery socks
June mystery

7.  July mystery socks

July mystery socks

8.  August mystery socks

August mystery socks

9.  September mystery socks

September  mystery socks

10.  Edisonade socks

11.  Katniss socks
Katniss socks

12.  Ariadne sweater
ariadne sweater supplies

13.  peacock mittens
Peacock mittens

14.  reverse psych 2
Reverse Psych 2

15.  Rogue roses socks

16.  queen of beads socks

17.  fraggle squiggle socks

18.  Knetted socks

19.  Raven swirl socks

20.  socks for mom

socks for mom

21.  Alluvial shawl


22. random shawl

socks for Karen

23.  rose city rollers

rose city rollers