Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Okay, so I knew I wouldn't be sewing today. It was a back to back schedule.
Reg work, extra class I teach afterschool, then time for a 30 min nap, then an hour of dance class and almost 2 hours of staging a piece for an upcoming show. It was a blast.
Thankfully, I remembered far more than I thought I did of the choreography.
The first dance class involved fired. I had my candle holders prepped, but I make the executive decision that I was too tired to safely use fire.
I think it was a good call.
Maybe next week.

I got an update today from my dance partner's husband.
Her surgery went well. It appears not to be cancer.
Woooo!! She's got to recuperate. I'm sure there are more questions about what this indeed was, but this is good. She's doing well. Thank all of y'all that sent good wishes her way.