Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The projects I've been working on this week, that is.

For the class play, I have:

constructed a warp tube.  (To be assembled tomorrow once the green sleeve is in the same room as the hula hoops....I still have to attach handles)

a Mario hat.

A stuffed mushroom/toadstool (aka Super Marios).

Knitted an Oscar the Grouch beanie.

Sewed the liner for Little Red's basket.  (Have to hot glue it into the basket tomorrow.)

Made a Peter Pan hat.

Left to do this week:

Fit the Godmother's dress.

Sew felt onto the Scarecrow's costume in lieu of straw.  (Waiting for the Scarecrow to give me her shirt.)

Get a feather for Peter's hat.  Alter his shirt.

Attach wings to the Big Bird costume.

Left to do in general:

Decide if I'm making a cube for the Mario scene.

Figure out how to make a  piranha plant puppet.

Assemble fairy wands.

Choreograph a dance number.

Choose all the sound cues.

Figure out how to make a magic harp costume.

Hunt up a Capt. Hook coat.

Geesh.  So, not so much quilting sewing this week.  Oh, yeah.  The play is the week of Valentine's.