Friday, July 5, 2013

Plea to the health gods....

I'm still not feeling 100% from the bug/ick I got on the honeymoon.

This week has been a health rollercoaster...but mainly for the animals.
They feature in my banner (which I really need to redesign) *adds to "to do" list*.

Both were due for checkups.  The Kraken (the cat) for her annual Mon.  The Smooshbeast (the dog) for his biannual "senior" dog visit on Tues.  (Shut up...he's never going to die.  We're going to win the lottery so I can clone him.)

Anywho, the cat had something in her eye that was to be monitored.  She's scratched an eye before, so I wasn't all that worried.  The doggy has been pee dribbling, but we weren't sure if it was a submissive thing since he was kenneled for a week and a half, or what.  Thankfully, I asked if they could check him for a UTI.

Fast forward to Wed.  The cat is now winking one eye almost closed.  Yup, the eye that we were "keeping an eye on."  Shit.  Which, of course, she didn't show signs of until Wed night.  It seemed to be less painful Thurs, so I didn't take her to an emergency vet.

So, today....I end up back at the vet again.  Yup, she's got an eye infection.  Yup, the doggy DOES have a UTI and needs to go on antibiotics.  So, they're both on the mend, but I'm feeling a bit frazzled...and a LOT more broke than I was on Mon.  (I'm only half heartedly complaining about that.  Our vet office is fabulous and much cheaper than ones I've used in the last decade.)

So, please make a plea on my behalf to the health gods.  I need to be back in fighting shape (and back on a diet plan), and not to be inundated with animals that either feel like crap and are needing extra love or having to chase animals that do not want their meds.  Eep.

I'm including a cute photo because all posts need photos, right?

Smiley dog

Seriously, you'd want to clone this, too, right?