Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wed 11.9.11

I'm plugging away on bee blocks.
Or at least I was.
Right now I'm just tired.
A lotta dancing.
Not enough sleep.
I'm not handling the time shift well. I think I need to reup my vitamin D intake.

Here's the blocks that are completed:
Nubees, Hive #1, Nov for nybird
Nubees, Hive #1, Nov for Safiya
4x5 hive #9 for The Busy Bean
3x6, HIve #9, Q4, for scrapstudio

This one has to be redone...I fluffed a seam.
Nubee Hive #1, Nov for Five Baht Elephant

Here's the stack of undone bits. My goal is to get them sewn up by Sat and prep my Dead Simple to quilt.
blocks in progress!
I think I have around 15 total to do. I'm waiting for some black fabric and some oomph. Maybe Fri. Tomorrow will be more dancing and a date with the dentist to get my tooth looked at. I'm praying it's an easy fix. I hate getting my teeth messed with....

To Do:
Last week's skill builder block
New Bee block for Nov.
3x6 blocks for hive #9
4x5 blocks
Dead Simple (to sammich and quilt)
Swap charms to cut (not for the black, white & grey swap)
Swap charms to sort
Nubees Nov blocks
Monkey quilt (waiting to be assembled)
Mom's quilt....still looking for a long arm quilter....

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