Sunday, September 4, 2011


I decidedly have a cold.
I started to feel crappy Fri but chalked it up to the whole AC stress. (Which is still not working's still leaking but purportedly a new drain pain will fix it, which will be ordered on Tues when the office is open again. In the meantime, The Pirate has to shop vac it at least twice a day. As a result, my dermatitis flared from the stress and I'm a blotchy/itchy/peely mess. He tells me he still loves me...and that I apparently snore as well.)

Nope..not allergies. Not just being tired.
It's a full fledged cold.
I shall look like Rudolph by Tues. Well, Rudolph with some sort of pox thanks to the peely patches. Ugh.

As a result, most of the plans for the weekend have been shelved.
Yesterday, we were going to go to the big Dragon*Con parade downtown. I love Dragon*Con. We went one year when we were doing the back and forth long distance thing. It's a hoot. But exhausting.
And rather expensive. I'm kind of glad we didn't splurge on weekend passes for the 25th anniversary and wind up with me drooping the entire time. That said, I'm sad I don't have ridiculously geeky/sci fi-y pictures to post. (To give you an idea, the parade has, among other things, a section of Harry Potter fans, a Star Wars section, a Star Trek section, Xmen and other comic characters, a Stargate section, and an anime section....a rocking Steampunk section... I'm leaving tons out. Instead, I slept (and apparently snored) until after noon.
Then around 3, I went to Joann's in search of some batiks for a quilt for my dad and to stock up on some fat quarter bundles I plan to use for some kid quilts. we were going to go to the Decatur Book Festival. It's awesome and free, but I just don't have the attention span to focus long enough to enjoy it.

I *still* haven't finished my Skill Builder block from 2 weeks ago. I started it last night (late) and realized I didn't cut all the pieces out.
I also sewed up the blocks for the second quilt from the Across the Sea QAL. I still have to press them.
And I still have to square them all up. I'm terrified of cutting them wrong. How do you keep all the seams lining up?
Anyway...I'm also thinking of entering into the Block Lotto for this month, since I love batiks.
Here's what I did yesterday:
2nd Across the Sea QAL block batch
girl quilt, closer
3x6 angel block (done a while ago, just photographed before mailing)
3x6 angel block
I also did one of three Block Lotto blocks, but I am waiting to take a picture until they are all done.
Why does this feel like a puny amount of work for one day?!
I think it's because I had grand plans and just lacked the get up and go.
Ditto for today.

Soooo....we may or may not be going to get thread and head to mini-golf....maybe stopping for Suno (an icey Asian dessert type treat).