Monday, January 2, 2012

Been sewing today...

with a brief interlude of continued cleaning and running to a Staples to get The Pirate the file cabinet of his choice. (His preliminary choice at the Pottery Barn was not available any where in the SE.)

Updates on UFOS:
1. Monkey quilt is done except for hand sewing binding.
2. Tile quilt is done except for hand sewing binding.
3. Across the Sea untouched, back being plotted...I don't think I'm doing the level of piecing I did on the back of the girl version.
4. Rockin Robin...I'm debating on doing either a green or orange sashing. I have a tomato red back and more navy for binding. I have no idea what kind of quilting I'll do on it.
5. No progress on the 241..I'm not sure I have all the pieces cut. (Cough...stuffed in a drawer while "cleaning"..cough)
6. Scrap squares sewn into bigger rectangle...not big enough for a lap quilt...ideas being pondered.
7. Located my design for crosses and cut strips into squares. (I have a piece for the back, but I still have to locate the binding.
8. I picked some of the blocks, but I may wait for the 2 remaining blocks headed my way, I hope, from my hive in the 3x6. I've got a backing coming and binding chosen.

I'm pondering my design for the Tangerine Tango.

Still needs to be done:
Bee blocks for New Bee on the block
2 new blocks for Sew. Happy. (tomorrow)
I still haven't tried the applique block for the Skillbuilder (I have two done that also need to be photographed and posted.)....Honestly, I HATE applique. I'm just not patient enough for it. However, the guilt laden chick in me feels badly about skipping a block. Blarg.