Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How did it get to be Wed already?

I've been tooling away at some projects, and *Cough* I may have started a few *cough* more.

Layout decided for red, black, and grey quilt. I'm going to use 2 extra blocks for pillows.

Back pieced for Stained Quilt.

Pieces gathered for back of Sew. Happy. Sewing to commence soon.

Begun: charm quilt out of 2 in squares. Right now I'm just chain piecing.

Pulled stack for another Stained.

Still UFOs:
apron for Pirate
charm quilt for kid
paper pieced tangerine mini
secret project
still need to choose Pretty Little Pouch design

I zumba'd tonight. Gah. I'm gonna hurt in the morning. Is it wrong that I was a bit relieved a college girl thought it was too hard to finish the class?