Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finished bits...

Now that my tooth has finally stopped hurting, I've been trying to get stuff done.

I did finish my November ALYOF goal, my scrappy postage stamp quilt.

Not only did I finish the one I planned on getting done in November, I finished two!
Postage #1 Postage #2

I also completed:

my NY Beauty bag
NY Beauty Bag

Heal circle quilt
Heal circle quilt

Pouch for Bama
Pouch for Mom

Pouch for Trollop
Pouch for Trollop

Pouch for G
Pouch for G

Pouch for mom (still need to take pic)

Pouch for Karen
Pouch for Karen

Secret gift (pic coming once it's mailed)

Secret gift #2 (ditto)

Heal Circle blocks for Nov.

Heal blocks for Nov

Space quilt  (OMG the drama, one of the stars had bleeding...washed it 4 times with like a dozen color catchers and the star is almost white now)  I love the quilting on this one! I'll try to take better pics in the morning light. Thank you, Katy, for the rocket block!
Space quilt, post washing

the back:
back of space quilt

I washed the wonky star as well!  No drama on that one.  It's going to it's home on Monday at a baby shower!
wonky washed

Pic of my Octo pillow cover:
Octo pillow

I'm plugging away on my Penny Sampler.  I anchor quilted it on the machine and am hand quilting the rest.  I'm also pattern testing and trying to make 2 more quilts for Christmas!
Penny basted

Also trying to finish one more Meridian and the sidekick bag for me for Xmas.

Total so far on my FAL list:  22/32

Monday, November 25, 2013

Meridian Cardi!

I like to be pattern tester.

It keeps me stretching my skillset, and it combines my love of editing (*cough* grades so many papers and keeps assigning them *cough*) with my love of sewing.

My amazing friend, Rachael,  over imaginegnats, makes such cool kid clothes designs that my first response when seeing her kid Meridian pattern emerge was, "PLEASE tell me you are making a lady version!"

Thankfully, she was.

I'm not a huge knit sewer.  I did this on my machine.  My only issue had NOTHING to do with her patterns.  She's lovely and clear in her directions.  My machine, however, decided to eat of the sleeves...of course, AFTER  I had almost finished sewing it.

I hit it with some fraycheck.  What can I say, I had a second version in the works (planned to sew on Thanksgiving break), and I was too lazy to take the whole dang thing apart.

I can only say that my frowny face was mostly because it was HOT the day I took the pic, and my hubs wasn't home until the sun was bright.  I had trouble finding a spot where the sun wasn't making weird shadows on my, um, he NEVER warns me when he takes a picture.

So, here it is:
Meridian #1

Meridian #1

Meridian #1

I even used a cool bunny pin from my awesomesauce mom to close it.  It's super comfy.  It's coming with me on all my holiday trips.  Frowny lines not included.

Check out Rachael's version (and other pattern testers' versions) by clicking here.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

So, it's been longer than I intended...

and I honestly haven't done much since the weekend.

It's been kind of sucko.  Since Halloween, I've been to the dentist 3 times, had a filling repaired, had the height altered, then been told I just had to wait.

Um, yeah.  So the week of the filling at the wrong height triggered a crapload of TMJ/muscular issues.  I just got to the chiro 2 weeks later.  I will be icing for a while.  I went to a new dentist on Thurs, as I thought it was ridiculous that the first dentist never checked an Xray and hadn't gotten the height right on two fillings in a row.  (This time is was so far off, even the assistant commented on it.)

Can I just say that I HATE going to the dentist in Atlanta?  I love love love the office I went to growing up, so much so that I book my cleanings for when I'm visiting my parents.  I trusted him enough to repair a significant filling issue the week of my wedding....and I had forgotten I'd gotten a filling less than 24 hours after it had happened.  *ponders trying to import him*
I'm rather anxious about teeth and this is making my anxiety issues flare.  So. not. helping.

So, I haven't gotten much sewing done since Sat.  Almost none in fact.  To be fair, I got a crapload of sewing done on Sat when I had a lovely day with Al from AThousandNeedles.

travel case redo
Heal top assembly

Update:  Saw new dentist on Thurs.  LOVED him.   Filling was *still* not at the right height, but he doesn't think I need a root canal.  I may have a sinus infection.
I have sewn bits of my Penny Sampler, but I still have to redo a block, do the diamond strip, and the two Dala horses.
Right now, my priorities are the Space quilt for a baby coming in a week or so, the Heal quilt, and the two postage stamp quilts.  If I can get those cleared off the deck, I'll have a lot of space cleared for other finishing my Penny Sampler and some Christmas presents that need to be posted.
I *finally* have an Octo pillow case of my very own!  Lots of pictures, hopefully of finishes, coming soon.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Goal for Nov--ALYOF

I finally got a new travel machine!


So nice to be able to move my sewing around the house.

I've spent the last weekend playing catch up on my Penny Sampler.  Pics will appear soon.

I also bellydanced today!  First time in a longer than it should have been.  Gonna be feeling it tomorrow.

I needed to choose a goal for November for ALYOF.

I want to baste, quilt, and bind my Postage Stamp Top (one of the two).  Twould be glorious if they both get done, but I'll settle for one.

Postage Stamp #1

Going to have a sewing weekend next weekend to try to get on top of Christmas presents, too!

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