Sunday, April 10, 2016

FAL, Quarter 2 Mahoosive List

I never play small on these.  Truth is, I'm WAY too crafty ADD to even stick to my plan.  I have conferences coming up and crafting tends to be my unwind mode.
To be fair, I also have two retreats in April....which means I'll be starting (and maybe...maybe...finishing) some more stuff.

Finish Along, Quarter 2 Plan


1.  Starbright
Starbright progress

2.  Epic Sampler (this one is just staying on track.  I don't think the BOM finishes until almost the end of the year)
Epic sampler

3.  Small World (Um...I think I'm almost done with panel 1 of 6.)
IMG_5818 (1)

4.  Doctor Who Sampler
Dr Who!

5.  Meadow Quilt.  I have 5 out of 20 blocks done.
meadow quilt

6.  Single Girl quilt
freewheelin' single girl

7.  Firefly quilt
Frances Firefly

8.  Little Bitty Broken Star
broken lonestar

9.  Cross improv quilt
cross quilt start

10.  Tank 1-Dr. Who
Who #2

11.  Tank 2-Cybermen
who #1

12.  Postage Stamp quilt
postage stamp

13.  Scrap improv (using leftovers)
scrap  improv

14.  Guitar quilt (for Doug)

15.  Bubble or cat quilt for mom/Oliver
bubble for mom

16.  Butterfly/fairy quilt for Jan
jersey quilt

17.  Triforce throw for Trav

18.  Zelda pillow (yes, I know I need to fix his ear)
Zelda pillow

19.  one hour basket
1 hr basket

20.  noodlehead pincushion 1
noodlehead organizer

21.  School House Tunic
school house tunic

22.  batik (me & you challenge)
Hoffman challenge

23.  Tank 3-purple
purple top

24.  Tank 4-Fox
fox top

25. Esme blouse
Esme blouse

26.  Tank 5 for mom
tank for mom

27.  green tea & sweet beans quilt
Green tea and sweet beans

28.  Hospice 1  (orphan block drive)
hospice 1

29.  Hospice 2  (orphan block drive)
hospice 2

30.  Green sloth giant pinnie
green sloth pinnie

31.  Zombie bunny giant pinnie
zombie bunny pinnie

32.  Teardrop quilt

33.  Guild brown bag challenge
Brown Bag challenge

34.  Stash Bash secret swap, item 1
stash bash secret

35.  Patchwork Wheel block quilt
Patchwork wheel quilt

36.  cat head quilt for Sharon's house
cat head quilt

37.  Tangential quilt
part of the border, Tangential

38.  Hexy diamond quilt
Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic

39.  Patchwork City quilt
Patchwork city

40.  Flannel pjs
pj pants

41.  Castle Wall mini
Castle Wall block

42.  Steampunk quilt

43.  batik dress
dress #5

44.  bespoke washi
dress #6

45.  Cactus tunic
Cactus top

46.  Aviatrix quilt

47.  Medallion quilt
Modern Medallion

48.  Punk love quilt
Punk love quilt

49.  Tank 6- blue leaves
blue top

50.  economy block project linus quilt
economy blocks

51.  Computer boxy pouch
computer boxy

52.  AMH boxy
AMH boxy

53. skull boxy
skull boxy

54. AMH boxy 2
AMH boxy

55.  Squirrel boxy
squirrel boxy

56.  red dot boxy
red dot boxy

57.  improv boxy
improv boxy

58.  Star Trek boxy
star trek boxy

59.  Cat Giant pinnie
cat pinnie

60.  Sloth giant pinnie
Sloth pinnie


1.  Fight the Fairies Shawl
Fight the Fairies Shawl

2.  manticore socks

3.  Peacock mittens
Peacock mittens

4.  Scrap blanket
socks scraps

5.  slip stitch socks
slipped stitch sock

6.  Exploration station shawl
Exploration Station

7.  Merriwether shawl

8.  Dalek Dog sweater
dalek dog sweater

9.  Katniss Socks
Katniss socks

10.  Raven Swirl socks

11.  Fraggle Squiggle socks

12.  Dishcloths

13.  Glacier Sweep shawl
glacier sweep

14.  Rose City Rollers
rose city rollers

If I finished a quarter of these even, I'll be super happy.  I've got a quilt currently basted (Hexy) and waiting to be quilted.  I finished the Firefly top at Sewtopia.  I have to find a backing.  I have to hem 2 of the tanks and still have to bias edge 2 more.  Now to decide what to bring with me to Stash Bash.  Meantime, my house needs cleaning.  My folks are coming Friday.  (EEP!)

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