Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday (wait, it's NOT a Monday)?!

Yeah. I'm still picking off paint from painting part of my classroom. The most glorious moment was when I got paint on both sides of my head, in my hair.
White Paint.
Maybe I should have borrowed the dog's look:
(He's got stitches in his head from getting a wart removed, but he also desperately needed a bath to be a bed dog.)

Any whooo...it got better/worse/more hilarious as the day progressed.
I went to my friend's to quilt, but forgot to go over our plan for a round robin.
And, I left my dance pants on the ironing board at home.
so I had to do a chair dance routine...in a short skirt.
One of the moves involves having to swing your leg over the chair. Um...not so much.
I still have to seal up my Make Mine Modern swap item.
I've got bee blocks (3x6 and Sew Bee Blissful) ready to mail out, as well as a quilt top that is headed to Joplin.

Phew. It's been HILARIOUS today. I have more painting tomorrow. Red. My head may look like a peppermint before the day is done.