Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today was a bit of a whirlwind...
Packaged up all the Black, White & Grey swap packages.
Drove to a dance studio to check out the place for a performance tonight.
Drove to a theatre to find out where auditions are tomorrow.
Came home to finish some laundry.
Dolled self up and tried to get into bellydance head space.
(I was wearing the pieces from the Japanese Scrap Bag challenge from Pings and Needles.)
Danced in a show. (Did not wipe out going from stage to floor. Woo!)
Stopped by post office after show (WHILE STILL IN GEAR).
Attempt to mail packages thwarted by broken slot/handle thingie.
Came home to scarf some dinner.

I am going to have to mail out the packages tomorrow.
On a totally unrelated note, my house is so dirty right now that it looks like hoarders live here.
It is particularly bad since my complex does not have recycling, but, because I believe in it, I collect it and drive it to a center. I just haven't had time in over a week.
Also, there are Xmas packages I need to mail lingering around the dining room, as well as boots that need to be mailed back and bags that still need to be unpacked.
That is my confessional for the day....I am spent now.
I missed y'all.