Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Quarter FAL 2013 Update, part 1

Yes, this is going to come in two parts.  I still have a binding to finish tonight and some pics to upload, so here's part one.

I first blogged my goals for the first quarter FAL here.

My goals were lofty.  I have A LOT  of UFOs.  I suffer from "OOOO, shiny" syndrome.  I like to start stuff that I don't always finish.  Honestly, it was starting to get to me.  So, I posted almost all of them.  33, to be exact.

Here's the status of each and every one of the original list.  I've got a few new ones to add for Quarter Two.

1.  How Far Will You Go Quilt  DONE
I love love love this quilt.

quilted and bound!

2.  Tula Skirt--on hold.  The spider skirt is too tight right now.  I have to lose the 7lbs I put back on stress eating before I commit to the smaller size.  Tula is too loved to cut up and not be able to wear.

3.  Spider Skirt, DONE, coming in part 2. Still have to photograph it.

4.  Malka Quilt  DONE

Malka quilt

5.  Rainbow Skillbuilder Block quilt  DONE

Rainbow skillbuilder

6.  Rolling pink/grey quilt  DONE.  Headed to its new home right now.

Rolling Pink/Gray

7.  Halloween spider web quilt.  Still waiting for some bee blocks to come back.  Currently on hold for Quarter 2.

8.  Scrap Vomit #1.  DONE.  I use this one A LOT.

Scrap Vomit #1

9.  Scrap Vomit #2, coming in Part 2.  I have to finish sewing on the binding today.

10.  Superhero EPP pillow, DONE, coming in Part 2.  I haven't uploaded its pic yet.
It's a tooth fairy pillow going to a son of the Pirate's best woman.

11.  Scrap vomit pillow #1.  DONE
Scrap Vomit pillow #1

12.  Scrap vomit pillow #2.  DONE
Scrap Vomit Pillow #2

13.  Mystery Quilt  DONE

Mystery Quilt done!

14.  Hexy MF, on hold.  I'm going to work on it some this week, but it's SLOW.

15.  Project Linus Monster quilt  DONE

Monster quilt

16.  Black, white, and color quilt  DONE

Black, White, and Color Quilt

17.  Postage Stamp quilt  DONE

Postage Stamp Quilt

18.  Converging Corners quilt-  On hold til Quarter 2.  So kind of not feeling this one so much.

19.  Project Linus Monkey quilt  DONE

Monkey Quilt

20.  Hope Valley bag  DONE
Hope Valley bag

21.  Christmas bunting  DONE

Xmas bunting

22.  String Blocks quilt  DONE

String block quilt

23.  Project using Star Block, may or may not finish this one tonight or tomorrow.  All the pieces are cut.

24.  Sewing Summit Mini, on hold til Quarter 2.

25.  Madrona Secret challenge  DONE
Madrona Star

26.  80s block project  DONE

Very 80s bag

27.  fix Pirate's apron  DONE

The Pirate in repaired Apron

28.  AMH belt  DONE
AMH belt

29.  Mom's quilt, on hold.  THIS THING IS HUGE.  I need to baste and quilt it.  STILL.

30.  Khaki/burgundy Project Linus quilt  DONE
Burgundy, Khaki quilt

31.  Blue squares Project Linus Quilt  DONE

Blue Project Linus Quilt

32.  HST Project Linus Quilt, top is done.  May or may not quilt it today or tomorrow.

33.  Green Journal  DONE
Green Journal Cover


TOTALLY DONE (as of this second):  24


Maybe done today:  2