Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Tuesday, right?

I got up early today because I thought the online webinar I was supposed to "attend" was at 10. I wanted to be fully awake. Um. It was at 10...Pacific time.

Ah well.

I was uber productive instead.
I finished the bright batik (nicknamed The Koolaid) quilt. It's all done except for the handsewing.

I have almost finished my big item for the Make Mine Modern swap. One last assembly stage, but the hardest bits are done. *finally* I was really nervous that my straight line quilting would eat the object/mess it up.
I don't think my partner follows me, but I want it to be a surprise.
I'm still pondering what my small item should be. I was thinking an eye pillow? Anyone got better suggestions?

I worked on my mom's quilt. It's about half done (except for the borders). I'm waiting for some matching fabric to come my way. When I've got as much as I can get done this week, I'll post pics. It's not perfect...the whole ripping/reassembling thing wonked out some seam allowances.

I'm getting my hair potentially chopped tomorrow, maybe chin length. It's the longest it's been in years. I'm sick of it. I'm pondering a more flapper look, but my hair gets big. I may or may not post pics.