Friday, May 3, 2013

Official May Goal

For the Year of Lovely Finishes, my May goal is to finish the Heal Circle's do.good.stitches quilt.

I really have no excuse for not having it done, other than some of my mojo seemingly evaporating post Stash Bash.

Heal Circle quilt

It's on my to do list.  I have two quilts to baste tomorrow.  Going to start quilting it then.

I started working on my clutches.  I have the linings cut and sewn.  I'm working on the embellishments of the outsides today.  I want to wait until it's not wet to do the gluing, so I can do it in the open air.
Anyone ever Scotchguarded bags before?  Does it screw up the metal if you do it at the end?

Wedding update:

This one sucketh.  Hard.  I was testing a new lipstick for the wedding.  It had aloe in it.  I thought it would, at the worst, make my lips peel.  Uh.  No.  It sparked a rash on my upper lip that made it feel like it was on fire.  (The one time I ever got my brows waxed, it felt like this.)  Ow.  I got lucky that the PA at the derm fit me in today.  Steroid creme for a 5 days.  Ow.  So, my perfect red wasn't so perfect.  Blarg.