Thursday, September 12, 2013


So, I survived camping with my class.

I'm exhausted.  Finally clean.

My highlights included:

* making my kids laugh because my cheerleading style is decidedly cheesy (as in "WOOOOOO....(insert kid name here) is a ROCKSTAR!  Climbin' that wall like a boss!)

*Getting to see the sunrise at a gorgeous outdoor chapel.

*fixing boo boos from climbing (makes me feel useful and they were all minor)

*watching a lot of proud grins

*getting begged to read aloud at bed time  (I start the morning with a read aloud book.)

*seeing actual stars

*no rain

*seeing live cicadas

The lowlights:

*living on cukes and salad and cereal because of food allergies

*being in pollen/dust/lots of allergy triggers

*almost stepping on a copperhead

*being woken up by two students who "couldn't sleep because someone is snoring"

*getting up before dawn for the hike to the outdoor chapel for sunrise

So, maybe no sewing tomorrow.  I am still wiped after napping for 4 hours when I came home.  And, now the lowgrade and sore throat are back.  Blarg.  Gotta get through a whole school day tomorrow.  Also, on the upside, my hubs got me takeout on the way home because I hadn't eaten a normal meal in 3 days.