Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wed 9.21.11

I hadn't planned on actually sewing today, but I got home earlier than expected from work...and dad's quilt is begging to be done.
So....I pinbasted it.
Then I quilted it...just straight lines.
I stopped for dance class.
Then back to quilting and and sewing on binding (the machine sewing part).
I pooped out before hand sewing.
That's on tap for tomorrow or Friday.
Here it is sitting, calling my name:
Dad's quilt

I'm trying to keep up with the Across the Sea QAL...but it (and the Skill Builder) may get tabled til I get the Scrap Bag Competition piece finished.
My dance teacher lent me a grommet plier thingie...I'm hoping it might be easier than a hammer.
We'll see...
so far, the design decision is to make each corset belt panel (there are 5) be themed by kind of scrap. Layout planned for tomorrow.

Happy things came in the mail today!
Color Wheel charms:
Color Wheel charm pack
and a win!
which is totally begging to be made into a kid quilt for charity....

Also, *cough* I may or may not (shifty eyes) have entered the Pretty Little Pouch swap.
I also have a pincushion to make for the Sewn Spaces swap and a hoop for the hoopla.
At least I have a plan for both of them.