Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Final Quarter FAL 2015

Well, I started with an insane list.  I didn't get as much done as I hoped, due to a massively fleeing sewjo midstream.

A chunk will rollover into 2016.  I had a blast knitting and am going to make an effort to roll that into my regular rotation.  I had another epiphany that I really am not going to do the Socks that Rock patterns I had on my FAL list.  I just don't like them.  They don't seem like fun.  I'm going to use up the yarn on something else in 2016...maybe shawls (my new love) or someone else's sock patterns.  I signed up for yarnyenta's Knit from Stash sock club again.

My original list for the FAL was posted here.

Here's how I did, what is getting frogged/rolling over will show up in the list for 2016.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Sewing goals:

1.  #schnitzel&boo mini swap quilt--done!

2.   secret swap items for mini Stash Bash-done!
Secret sewing for Stash Bash mini

3. nautical secret sewing-Done!
secret nautical sewing

4.  Moda Modern building blocks still needs to be bound.

5.  Cushion cut quilt- done and gifted!
cushion cut quilt

6.  skull top-Done!
skull top

7.  Castle Wall mini--haven't done anything with it

8.  Zelda quilt  (I'm a bad wife.  I have all the supplies and was supposed to make this one for Christmas.)

9.  Aviatrix quilt  (going to do a scrap fabulous version)--haven't done anything with it

10.  Tear Drop quilt--got as far as layout ideas

11.  Raspberry Kiss cat lady quilt-Done!
crazy cat lady quilt

12.  Small world QAL--got one section almost done!

13. catnap top-Done!
catnap top

14. hexy top-Done!
hexy top

15.  peacock top-Done!
peacock top

16. daisy dress-cut pieces

17.  Molly market tote-done!
molly market tote

18.  luna moth mini--done!  Living in my guest room.
Luna moth pillow

19.  Catvent (Lizzy version)-Done!
catvent 2.0

20.  Hexy Diamond-haven't touched it

21.  Turquoise/purple dress--nope

22.  Carolyn Friedlander collection quilt-SO wanted to work on this one.  Have to finish other handsewing work first.

23.  pink/turquoise mod dress-nope

24.  purple batik dress-nope

25.  thread catchers--I stole this pic from my secret sister.
Thread catcher

26.  silk top-nope

27.  burgundy top-nope

28.  Esme blouse-nope

29.  Steampunk quilt-nope

30.  Meridian 2-nope

31.  Tangential-nope

32.  Doctor Who sampler-nope

33.  Patchwork City-started

34.  Cross quilt-nope

35.  Itty Bitty Broken Star-nope

36.  Modern Medallion-nope

37.  AMH improv--no reason I haven't finished this, but I haven't.

38.  Flannel pj pants--ditto

39.  Mystery Medallion quilt with Karie--I may make this one into a mini next quarter.

40.  Starbright 2--brought it to the mini Stash Bash with me and haven't pulled it out.

41. navy/gold top-Done!
navy/gold dress

42. burgundy batik dress-nope

43.  bespoke dress-I'm thinking this will be a washi next round.

44.  Green Tea and Sweet Beans  sampler...started

45.  Epic Sampler BOM quilt...completed Nov's block. I am now behind.

46.  sugar skull stripe top-Done!
skull stripe top

47.  Backgammon top--nope

48.  Cactus tunic--nope

49.  pincushion swap for Guild--finished but I forgot to take a picture.

50.  Alison Glass batik top-Done!
batik top

51.  Melody Miller top--nope

52.  #droidquiltalong  (It's hosted by two lovely ladies from Guild.)--nope

Knitting goals:

1.  Socks scraps blanket--YAY!!! Done!

scrap yarn blanket

2.  Felted shawl-nope

3.  Supernatural KAL shawl-Done!
Supernatural shawl

4. Cherry Blossom socks-nope

5.  Flesh and Stone socks-nope

6.  Scary sock KAL 1-Done!
Wicker man socks

7.  Rimmon anklets-nope

8.  rose city rollers-DONE!

rose city rollers

9. Amelie's wallpaper socks-nope

10.  Edisonade socks-nope

11.  Katniss socks-messed up one foot and haven't frogged it yet

12.  Ariadne sweater-nope

13.  peacock mittens-nope

14.  reverse psych 2-nope

15.  Rogue roses socks-nope

16.  queen of beads socks-nope

17.  fraggle squiggle socks-nope

18.  Knetted socks-nope

19.  Raven swirl socks-nope

20.  socks for mom-Done!
socks for mom

21.  Alluvial shawl-working on it

22. random shawl-finished a doodler for my mom

doodler for mom

23.  rose city rollers-done!
rose city rollers

24.  October mystery socks-nope

25.  November mystery socks-nope

26.  December mystery socks-nope

27.  Chevron glass socks-nope

28.  Talia's school socks-nope

29.  Scary sock KAL 2-cast on sock #1

30.  Either or Neither shawl-done!!
Either or Neither Shawl

31.  extra socks--nope

24 documented finishes! (25 actual finishes)

ALYOF Dec finish!

I set as my December goal quilting and finishing the Cushion Cut quilt.

It is done and has been gifted!

cushion cut quilt

I have a long list coming up for the first quarter of 2016.  I've rediscovered my love of knitting.  I need to sew regularly.  I have some oldies to clear out!  I think one of them may be my Jan goal.