Friday, July 13, 2012

A throwdown...

So, I tend to have a rather big mouth.
And, I'm new to I tend to get a bit excited.

I'm still not entirely sure I know how this all happened.
I know I was talking to Rachael from Imaginegnats and Allegory from Sew Allegorical.  I can see myself getting into lots of fun trouble with Allegory.  Such is the danger of having coffee, apparently.

There was mention of a need to practice improv piecing.
Um, and then there was mention of a challenge (it might have been me?).
And, then, Rachael actually issued a challenge.

The terms:
An improv mini.  No bigger than 20" square.
Due by July 15th.
Winner to be determined by Rachael.

So, I bit.

I set up some rules for myself.
I could only use scraps....the bin was getting a bit out of control.
No real plan allowed.  I wanted to pick a special piece for the center, but beyond that, the scraps would tell me what to do.
I did it as a quilt as you go, no real reason other than I had never tried it before.

So, I did it.  I had a BLAST.
I used my last favorite scrap of Outfoxed.
I pieced together batting scraps for the insides.
The only thing that wasn't officially a scrap was the binding, as I really wanted it to be brown and didn't have any appropriate amounts.   It was from my stash.

Fox in the House
I'm calling it "A Fox in the House."

(It's not really so rumpled, but I was afraid to press it to the damp bench.)

Here's the back:
Fox in the House back

Also awesome because it was created the same week I named my machine!
Thank you, big mouth, for getting me into something fun!