Saturday, October 31, 2015

ALYOF October finish

I still have a post to write on the mini Stash Bash.

I had a blast, but it wasn't my most productive retreat.  I don't know if I was fighting an ick or just really overloaded with allergies, but my brain was fuzzy.  As a result, I was using the seam ripper as often as I was actually sewing.

I did, however, finish my Oct goal for ALYOF.

Secret sewing for Stash Bash mini

I'm am idiot...because it really didn't occur to me that my mini partner actually reads my blog...and she does.

So, I apologize, dear Katie, for kind of blowing the surprise factor.

I still have to finish my own Molly Market tote, but I finished the one I made for Katie.  I used the last of Star Wars stash.  (Which ended up being restocked by my mini Stash Bash partner.)

I wanted a bag that was useful and fun.  I hope I succeeded!

My sew jo has gone AWOL post mini bash.  I blame the announcement of a beloved house guest arriving in a coupe of weeks.  I've abandoned sewing for cleaning.  Just unearthing the guest bed alone has been an endeavor.  I'll probably keep the Nov ALYOF goal small as a result.

Other things I worked on at (or slightly before) the mini Stash Bash:


Green tea and sweet beans

Patchwork city

Raspberry kisses cat quilt

socks for mom

secret nautical sewing

Thread catcher

updating my done list from FAL...