Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope y'all are having happy turkey (or in my case, chicken) day!

Things for which I am thankful:

*a fabulous fiance who is roasting the said chicken
*lovely friends with whom I'll be feasting (and many with whom I can't today)
*a warm house and electricity!
*lots of sewing projects and fabric

I can spill the beans for those who asked about the Sew Intertwined quilt.
It's finally home.

Sew Intertwined

This amazing woman has it.

Nicke and Ella @ Whipstitch
(photo by Jacey)

Nicke is the host of the Heal Circle for do.good.stitches.
She's a rock star.  Giver of squeezy hugs and words of wisdom.
Lover of Hope Valley.
She blogs over at kisskissquilt.
You ever make something and just know who it's going to?
Man, I wish she lived closer.  I'd probably be in better shape if she did.
So so glad I got to meet her in person.

Oh, which brings me to my big thankful..... I'm thankful for the interwebs for bringing some FANTABULOUS folks (including my fiance) my way.  (even if you are torturing me now, interwebs, with sales galore.)

Enjoy your day, y'all!