Saturday, July 4, 2015

FAL finishes, 2nd Quarter

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I started off with a crazy list.  I like crazy lists.

I got 20 items crossed off my list.  My next one is going to be even more insane as I'm starting to gear up for Christmas presents.  I like making homemade ones for loved ones, but it means I have to start well in advance, especially if knitting is involved.

Anywho, I posted my original list here.

Here's how I did.


1.  Catvent (Cotton and Steel version)--Finished!

Catvent, cotton and steel
2.  Hexy Diamond--no progress

3.  Marcelle Medallion--Finished!


4.  Gypsy Wife--top complete!

5.  Moda Block party--Made a serious dent.  It's the first on my list for the next quarter.

6.  Starbright 2--ran low on purples.

7.  Meridian 2--no progress

8.  Tangential--no progress.  I have to find my bloc lock ruler.

9.  Tear Drop quilt--no progress

10.  Doctor Who embroidery sampler--no progress

11.  Knitting bags (3)
knitting bags

12.  Catvent quilt (Lizzy House version)--no progress.  Not sure where I stuffed my scraps.

13.  placemats--Finished!

14.  modern medallion--no progress

15.  scrap monster 2--Finished!

Scrap monster 2
16.  Patchwork City quilt--no progress

17.  Steampunk quilt--started but trying to decide whether or not to hand sew it.

18.  Zelda quilt--2nd on my list.  I need to play catch up.

19.  Cross quilt (C&S)--no progress

20.  Death Star quilt--Finished!

Death Star

21.  Hazel pillow--Finished!

Hazel pillow

22.  Stash Bash secret swap--Finished!

bee bagpart of Stash Bash present

23.  Betsy bag--Finished!

Betsy Bag

24.  Monster pouch (2)--Finished!

Monster pouches

25.  #nerdscraftitbetter swap--Finished!


26.  Jess test quilt--top completed

27.  Starjump 2--Finished!

Starjump 2

28.  Guild FQ challenge--Finished!

Guild swap items

29.  Spring sidekick--Finished!


30.  1 hr basket--Finished!

1 hour basket

31.  Heal circle May--still waiting on blocks

32.  Halloween Donut quilt--Finished!

Donut quilt

33.  Flannel pj pants--no progress

34.  Itty Bitty broken star quilt--no progress

35.  Postage stamp quilt--Finished!

Postage Stamp quilt

36.  Heal circle Knee High quilt--Finished!

knee high Heal Quilt

37.  Hazel/scrap monster 1--Finished!

Hazel quilt

38.  plastic bag dispenser--Finished!

plastic bag dispenser


1.  May mystery socks--no progress

2.  June mystery socks--no progress

3.  Edisonade socks--no progress

4.  Katniss socks--messed up and have to unknit.  It's now sitting on a shelf.

5.  felted shawl--almost done with first skein.  I have to either unearth 2 more or get more yarn

6.  Ariadne sweater--no progress

7.  peacock mittens--no progress

8.  socks scraps blanket-- 2 out of 3 sections done!

9.  reverse psych 2--started

10.  Rogue roses socks--no progress

11.  Queen of beads socks--no progress

12.  Fraggle squiggle socks--no progress

13.  Knetted socks--no progress

14.  Raven swirl socks--no progress

15.  Age of Brass and Steam--Finished!

Age of Brass and Steam

16.  Age of Brass and Steam 2--Finished!

Age of Brass and Steam

17.  Atlantic Currents 2--Finished!

Atlantic Currents 2

18.  Atlantic Currents April version--Finished!


So, in all, finished 24!  A lot is going to carry over to the next quarter, along with some new additions.

More FAL finishes....

Pics of stuff that's done:

Guild Swap items (not a good pic...but a giant pincushion cube and a 1 hr basket)

Guild swap items

Age of Brass and Steam 1

Age of Brass and Steam

Age of Brass and Steam 2

Age of Brass and Steam

Halloween Donut quilt

Donut quilt

Hazel all quilted up

Hazel pillow

Atlantic Current socks, April yarn


Atlantic Current 2

Atlantic Currents 2

Scrap Monster 2

Scrap monster 2


Postage Stamp Quilt

Postage Stamp quilt


Marcelle Medallion


Death Star (my anniversary present to the hubs)

Death Star

What I'm still working on:
Gypsy Wife
Flannel pants