Sunday, March 25, 2012

What I've been up to...

I finished and mailed my Covert Robin package.
I, however, stupidly forgot to take pictures of it.
Hopefully, my partner will like it and post pictures of it.

I finished my March/April NuBee blocks. (I actually had all but one done before, I just never posted them.)
Nubee March/April, hive #3
Nubee, March/April for StitchyQuiltStuff
Nubee, March/April for lauralei143
Nubee, March/April for crakpot/Teri
Nubee, March/April for BigNuttyQuilter

I now have all my blocks done for the Stained Quilt QAL.
(This isn't all of them, but I haven't taken a new pic....I'm now joining them all up)
Stained Quilt QAL

I did my March blocks for the Sew Bee Blissful hive:
March blocks

I did my started block for the Mini Mystery Round Robin. It's getting mailed out this week.
Mystery Round Robin starter

I also got 4 scrappy blocks done. Aout half of my big old scrap bin busted.
Oh..and I saw The Hunger Games moves. Truth be told, I really like the books better.