Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Thursday To Do List...

*Measure the angel block...pack and mail if it's ok.
*Catch up on the Skill builder from last week.
*Piece the remaining bits of the 2nd Across the Sea QAL. (Come to a decision on the orange)
*Size up blocks.
*Catch up with alums.
*Call my knitting class, to teach or not to teach (ie. if no one new is signed up, cancel the class)

Yes, it's quite a list.

On the up side, I have mailed off my 3x6's for Hive 1 (hive 16 was mailed a long time ago), my FTLOS objects, and my block for Quilting for Kids.

On the kitteh is itching her face off. Well, not quite literally, but she's now got bald patches around her eyes. She's already been on allergy meds. She's not an outdoor kitty AND she is on Revolution. Any one out there got a similar problem/solution. Right now, I'm hoping it's just seasonal allergies and not a new food allergy.