Monday, January 27, 2014

Fabriholics update.

I can't seem to stop trolling the sales....or the massive destashing going on on IG.

That said, I've resisted something mightily.  Sort of.

I chopped up my AMH field study stash, using it for 2 economy block quilt (which I'm currently adding some perle embellishment to) and a Feathers quilt.

Confession:  I bought some flannel to back the economy block quilt.  I really really wanted to back in a leopard flannel, but I couldn't find any.  So, it's got some fuschia timeless treasures flannel I found on sale on etsy.

I backed the Feathers quilt with a microfleece blanket.  (I bought two at Target to experiment with.)  I totally love this.  It was a beast to quilt.  (I pinned the crap out of it.)  I should have cut the binding at 3 inches to take the increased seam allowance and the bulk of the microfleece.  Lesson learned.  It was REALLY hard on my hands to sew the binding on.  I still have to wash it, so pics are forthcoming.  I cannot wait to snuggle with it.

Confession:  I bought some AMH blue leopard for the binding.  I thought I could get it at my closest LQS, but they didn't have field study.  I ended up buying a yard.  I fully plan on using the other 1/2 yard to bind something else.  I love it so.

I dug up some old comma yardage, matching solids, and charm packs.  I have a quilt coming soon.  It will be a mosaic tile.  It has to get done this weekend, as I need to gift it by next Fri for a friend getting surgery.  I haven't finished the top or the pieced back.  It will clear out my comma stash, I think.

Confession:  I bought a bunch of blue solid and red solids to finish the tops of the Madison Quilt and the Red/Purple quilt.  I have an idea of how I want to layout the sampler blocks.   I may have over bought a bit because I don't trust my maths entirely.  I figure if those end up in my stash, I'll be ok using them up.  I also bought a couple cream FQs for bee blocks I need to make.

So, that's it.  I'm exhausted.  I've been knitting like mad.  Costumery...I've posted on IG.

Linking up!