Sunday, November 27, 2011

chipping away at the list...

Mom's quilt top is done!
I decided to go wonky stars.
quilt top done!
quilt top
I broke into my Tula Pink Prince Charming stash. It is much beloved, but it fit mom's color requests (coral and chartreuse) perfectly. I had fun trying to hide little details in the stars.
I love the snail face!

This is quilt top #2.
#1 was done a few months ago but it was too large for me to quilt on my wimpy machine. It it currently hanging in a closet, waiting for me to find a long arm quilting person.
This one is about 60 by 6o. I can manage this size.
I'm ordering flannel today.
I am planning on machine quilting in the ditch around the star squares, then hand quilting around the stars themselves.
How does that sound?

I FINALLY got my Nov New Bee block done.
The Nov Bee Queen asked us to make blocks inspired by Mondrian.
For some reason, it was really daunting me.
I like how it turned out, though.
New Bee Nov. Block

I also worked on a prototype of a doggie fleece for Stinky.
I have FABULOUS piratey fabric for him.
I need to hunt up some velcro.

That's it. I cut pieces for a 241 bag. It took forever. I just couldn't make myself sew it today. Mom's quilt took too long.
I'm exhausted.

Oh, and yesterday, two lovely things to recommend, especially to any locals.
#1. Pumpkin cheesecake french toast at Radial. Mmmmmm. (I had gingerbread vegan pancakes and ended up coveting The Pirate's breakfast.)
#2. Hugo. The Pirate and I went to see it yesterday. It's based on a book (Hugo Cabret) which I also loved. Pirate put it really well. It was, in part, a love letter to films and film-making. I loved it. I wasn't sure they would be able to pull off a movie from the book but it worked.

I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend. I'm trying to mentally gear up for the school week and an upcoming conference. Cross your fingers that my last charm swap package comes tomorrow and that my boots do as well!