Monday, August 13, 2012

Kind of tired and cranky....

Don't get me wrong, I generally love my job.

Today made me cranky.

I have to set up my room.  I came in today, thinking I was supposed to hand off my master ipad for imaging.

Spent an hour and a half setting up a profile to transfer.  And it didn't work.
Spent an additional 6+ hours imaging approx nine ipads, only to discover that the safety settings didn't transfer and will have to be hand entered on each and every ipad.  Um...I have a class set of 32.

I didn't get any of my classroom furniture assembled.  (Summer camp broke a bookshelf.)

I sat down wrong in my office chair, which I didn't realize summer camp lowered and wrenched my back.


And I can't do anything in my room tomorrow because we have retreat.  (We had a lovely dinner tonight, but I was still made me annoyed just because I only got an hour home before I had to head back.)  I'm supposed to facilitate tomorrow, but my headspace was crummy and I'm not sure I "got" the instructions right.  Blarg.

So....I'm not sure I'm getting the sewing I want to get done this week.  That's not helping with the cranky.  Just blarg.