Sunday, July 29, 2012


No new pics to speak of.
But I busted my butt this weekend.
My usual space wasn't big enough to pin baste two of my quilts.
So, I had to move all my furniture around in the living room.  (The Pirate helped.)
I pin basted until I ran out of pins.

Ready to be quilted:
Across the Sea boy quilt
Green and Blue monster (twin sized...that's big for me) for Fiance
Soda Pop quilt
Medallions quilt

I finished my baby quilt top I was pattern testing for Julie of Distant Pickles.  It is a super cool design.  Even if you aren't fantabulous at curves, this one is rad!  I'll try to post a pic tomorrow of that one, too.   I would have pin basted that one, but, alas, no more pins.

I'm trying to get the first three basted done by Wed eve.
I also am handquilting my Swoon mini.

If I can pull this off, I'll have four more down by Thursday.  We'll see.
In the meantime, I have blocks from two QALs to do.

Pics of the progress tomorrow?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I just keep on sewing!

Lots of updates.

I have the do.good.stitches Heal circle quilt done.  It will be mailed out to be delivered to hospice by Friday.  There are some amazing ladies who contributed to this quilt.
It's a really happy looking quilt.  I hope it brings some peace to a family.


I made a green skirt.  It still needs to be hemmed.  Is it wrong that the reason I made it was so I had something to decorate for this two week installment of the Handstitched class?

It's not the best made piece, but I learned a lot, and I will be making more in the future!  Plus, I'll wear it to school anyway.

I'm still sewing hexy flowers.  Almost halfway there.

The Fiance's quilt is HUGE.  Twin sized.  I will be practicing my FMQ on it (with his permission since he knows it won't be perfection).  I have to baste it.  I have to figure where I can get enough floor space to do it.
(Edit:  The damn cat ate?/shredded the batting I bought for the fiance's quilt.  I'll have to get more tomorrow.  ARgh.  Cross your fingers that she doesn't get sick.)

I ironed on a TON of petals (and had 34 left over, apparently I can't count for crap) on the Soda Pop quilt.  I'm waiting on the backing fabric.  I had to reapply many of the petals after they started peeling off after my first 2 hours round of ironing.  I have no idea why.  I've never used Pellon Wonder Under before.  I ended up having to double the time and up the heat of the iron to its hottest setting.  I will be doing orange peel quilting on this because I'm semi terrified the petals will unstick again.  I love love love this quilt.
Petals applied

I quilted the Stained quilt.  Not my best work, but it has a home on the couch now.  And I love that I can use it instead of it languishing folded in a chair.

Stained Quilted!

Oh, the camera ate the pics of the tree quilt.  I'll try to redo those later.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I lose track of time...

and I forget to post.
I'll add pictures in another post today.
But!  I can cross two more items off my FAL list.  (Well, I kind of did already.)
I finished the Stained quilt.  My quilting isn't stellar, but it's grey, so you can't really see it.
I'm planning on snuggling the dog in it later.  He is a mega quilt snuggler.  (Almost as much as a cat.)
I had to make a dr's run yesterday because my top lip swelled on Thursday night.
Allergic reaction is most likely culprit.  But, we're not sure to what.  Possibly mold on the pint of blueberries I ate on Thursday.  It could be anything.
That's the part that is so suck-o about allergies.  It could be something I touched...or ate...or breathed.  Blarg.

Anywhoo, I've got my do.good quilt top and back assembled.  Today's agenda includes basting and quilting in some manner.  I may just go for "organic" straight lines.  I'm trying to get this one done by the end of the weekend.

Also on tap, finishing my Sew Bee Blissful blocks for July and the rogue Nubee block I haven't finished.  I'm also eagerly awaiting the arrival of some 3x6 blocks so I can work on the fiance's quilt top.  I am in need of three blocks.  I had one that turned out to not be usable from an old swap.  I'm expecting a few more but 3 folks in other swaps are AWOL, so I know 2 are coming, but I don't know about the other 3.  I may just be impatient and MAKE the last missing block.

I've only got about 2 more weeks before work kicks here are my unreasonable goals:

1.  Finish the Soda Pop QAL quilt.
2.  Finish the fiance's quilt.
3.  Finish at least the quilt top for B's quilt.
4.  Handquilt the Medallion quilt.

Add to that finishing a crap load of hexie flowers.  I'm not sure I can make it.  But I sure am going to try.  Another post featuring pics will come later!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A mixed kind of day...

I've had to open a case file with the USPS to find out where the hell my package is.  I have no idea what will happen to the moolah I shelled on fabric if they can't figure it out.  Not super happy with the response given to me by the store.  It was kind of an "it happens...maybe it will come tomorrow" message.  I'm pretty sure the fault is the post office's, but still.
So much for spreading the love locally.

Anyway, bellydance was awesome tonight.  Got to see 2 more old dancer friends!
I finished the next installment of the Medallion quilt.  One more layer and then hand quilting!
I'm interested to see how the wonky as hell element plays out.  There is a seam or 2 I will stitch wizard just to make sure it doesn't fray.

Medallion, almost done!

I finished the Tree quilt, but I apparently forgot to take pictures.  I'll try it tomorrow.
I got 4 out of 5 Nubee blocks, a Neutral and Not bee block, and a Running with Scissors block done, as well as 2 mystery round robin installments.  (No pics of the last ones because they're a secret.)

Edit:  Tree quilt pics added

the elusive tree quilt

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today sucked a bit...

I am behind on my agenda because I had to deal with a freaked out dog and an electrical storm.
Not a good combo in our house as of late.

AND...I splurged and pre-ordered Tula from Whipstitch.  I was all excited because my package should have come today.
...and, it appears to have been routed to Florida.
And they wonder why folks don't jump at using the USPS?!
Bad bad mood.  Blarg.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A throwdown...

So, I tend to have a rather big mouth.
And, I'm new to I tend to get a bit excited.

I'm still not entirely sure I know how this all happened.
I know I was talking to Rachael from Imaginegnats and Allegory from Sew Allegorical.  I can see myself getting into lots of fun trouble with Allegory.  Such is the danger of having coffee, apparently.

There was mention of a need to practice improv piecing.
Um, and then there was mention of a challenge (it might have been me?).
And, then, Rachael actually issued a challenge.

The terms:
An improv mini.  No bigger than 20" square.
Due by July 15th.
Winner to be determined by Rachael.

So, I bit.

I set up some rules for myself.
I could only use scraps....the bin was getting a bit out of control.
No real plan allowed.  I wanted to pick a special piece for the center, but beyond that, the scraps would tell me what to do.
I did it as a quilt as you go, no real reason other than I had never tried it before.

So, I did it.  I had a BLAST.
I used my last favorite scrap of Outfoxed.
I pieced together batting scraps for the insides.
The only thing that wasn't officially a scrap was the binding, as I really wanted it to be brown and didn't have any appropriate amounts.   It was from my stash.

Fox in the House
I'm calling it "A Fox in the House."

(It's not really so rumpled, but I was afraid to press it to the damp bench.)

Here's the back:
Fox in the House back

Also awesome because it was created the same week I named my machine!
Thank you, big mouth, for getting me into something fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A happy thursday!

I had a weigh in today, down another pound!
I was, honestly, kind of hoping for more, but I'm counting it as a win because down is the direction my weight is going!

I also got on a clearing of UFO kick.  Two more down!

I did the snail bag:

Snail totebag
and I did the hexy bag:

Hexy tree bag
I'm kind of in love with both.  I can definitely see doing the tree bag for Xmas presents.

I also worked on the tree quilt (no pic) and got the mini top pieced.

Tomorrow is my errand day, so I don't know what I'll get cleared.

My goals for this weekend:
1.  Finish the tree quilt.
2.  Suck it up and trace the damn petals already.  (I've been majorly procrastinating on this one.)
If I don't get this done, I'll be behind in the QAL.  (Allegory, you have my permission to kick my butt if I don't.)
3.  Baste the Stained quilt.  It's got to be done.  I'm tired of it lurking.
4.  Figure out the layout for the fiance's quilt.
5.  Zumba at least once.
6.  Finish basting the hexies for Hexy MF.

Also, meet my new machine!  His name is Renardo, "The Fox."  I will undoubtedly end up with a bevy of nicknames for him, including Ren, Renny, Foxy, and, perhaps my favorite, Zorro.


Since I didn't pick any of the names offered me, I'll come up with some price anyway and Mr. Random will pick one of the suggesters' names.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A few finishes...wooo!

Well, I decided to try to tic a few things off the list, so I started with the three easiest.
(I have plans for two more in progress tomorrow.)

I got the next stage of the Medallion done.
It's a tad wonky, but I love it.
I also burned the crap out of a knuckle on the iron.  *sigh*


I made the dog two new beds.  Which gloriously removed 4 pillows that were lurking in our entry way/dining room.
He apparently loves them.  And, so does Kraken.  I'd make her a bed if I thought she'd actually use it and not steal his.

Dog Bed ##1 Dog Bed #2

 Yes, that is a sock in the background. He steals mine and carries them around the house as trophies.

 My future Xmas present table runner is also done! Table Runner, done!

 I'm trying to keep on trucking. I have a Weightwatchers weigh in tomorrow. I'm hoping it will be good. I Zumba'd twice this week and bellydanced twice.

Phew...What's up with y'all?

 Also, the machine has a new name. Renardo. The Fox. Ren. I'm loving him.

Monday, July 9, 2012

UFO list, 3rd quarter Finish Along...

First, let me state that I'm not insane enough to think I can actually get all of these UFOs done.
Also, let me apologize for some of my crappy phone pics.  I've been having trouble with iphoto when I try to upload pics to my folders.  So, I had to reshoot some of these because the ones on my camera show up as black boxes.  Blarg.

Anway, back to the UFOs.  I figure, I'll get at least part of them done.  And, this way, I'll have my list all in one place.

2012 Finish-A-Long

So, here goes my insane list of UFOs, with appropriate photo documentation.

1.  Postage Stamp quilt.  This one has been lingering for at least one, maybe two quarters.  I now have an idea of what I'm going to do with this one.  It will probably be heading over to either Project Linus or a quilt drive for the wildfires.

postage stamp in progress

2.  Red, Black, and White/Grey quilt.  It's been living in a snap frame for longer than is good for it.  I had decided to hand quilt it, and it's trapped in quilting limbo.  It needs to get done.
red, black, white quilt

3.  The Stained Quilt.  This poor top has been lingering since the QAL ended.  I want it to be done.  I really love it.  And I'm scared of ruining it.  I need to woman up (or maybe Chelsea will pick me) and finish it.
Stained Quilt top, finish!

4.  The Tree Quilt.  I was in a swap with the Misfit quilters.  My trees have arrived.  Now I need to make the quilt.

tree blocks

5.  The Pirate's apron.  It finally made it to the "cut out" phase, but it's been sitting in a bag unfinished.  My fiance is incredibly patient, since this was originally intended as a Valentine's present, then an anniversary, then a bday present...and all of those dates are LONG past.
Apron for The Pirate

6.  My Soda Pop quilt.  I've gotten as far as the background top and stalled out on tracing and cutting all those petals.
soda pop background

7.  The Hexy MF quilt.  I've got stacks and stacks of hexies basted.  I need to not fade out and finish it.
Hexy MF in progress

8.  The Across the Sea boy quilt.  It's been living in a box.  I need to finish it and find a friend's boy who needs a quilt.  It's gotta be someone special as I've used up my blue 1001 peeps on it.
Kraken and quilt

9.  Hexy Bag.  I started this with Rachel's hand stitched class and then postponed finishing it because the other paper piecing took me longer than I thought it would.
Hexie for bag

10.  Snail bag.  I finished the paper piecing and have the pieces of the bag, but haven't sewn it all up yet.
Star blossom done!

11.  Medallion quilt.  It's in process.  I've stalled out for the moment on the paper piecing.
Medallion, embroidery phase done!

12.  Red Wonky stars.  I collected these for the Sew Bee Blissful quilting bee.  I need to make the few that went AWOL and sew it all up.

red wonky stars

13.  Green and Blue quilt.  I've been collecting blocks from the 4x5, 3x6, and Nubees to make the fiance a quilt.  It now needs to happen.

Blue and green blocks

14.  Do.Good.Quilt.  I was the quilter for June.  I have to make a few missing blocks and sew that puppy up for delivery.

15.  Coaster Set.  Another Hand stitching project that fizzled because the embroidery on the Medallion Quilt took me longer than I thought it would.

16. Dog bed #1.  Stinky needs him a new bed.  The old one is kinda gross.  I promised him one in winter, and I have all the supplies taking up space.
Dog Bed #2

17.  Dog bed #2.  He needs a second one because Kraken steals his...and he likes to sleep upstairs and downstairs.  Ditto on the supplies still living in a bag.
Dog Bed #2

18.  Quilt for B.  I was gifted some Ghastlies to make a quilt for a friend in the in vitro process.  This one is a priority finish.  I started a few framing blocks, but haven't gotten further.
Ghastlies for B.

19.  Converging Corners quilt.  I started this as a baby quilt with a bundle I couldn't figure out what else to do with  (Thanks, Allegory, for suggesting this one!)...and I was procrastinating on another project to start this one.
Converging start

20.  Orange and Purple quilt.  I'm not sure I have enough blocks to finish this one.  If not, I hope to get it a bit further along this round.

Tangerine and Purple blocks

21.  Swoon.  I don't think I have it in me right now to do a whole quilt yet. I have a stack of stash saved for one, but this is a solo block.  I think it needs to be made into a mini or a pillow.

Swoon #1

22.  Table Runner for R.  This has to be done before Thanksgiving anyway...

table runner for R.

23.  Secret project for Sept.  (I'm ok if this one doesn't count.  Someone special asked me to help out on a very special cause...and I'm glad to help!)

Add to this list bee blocks for a BUNCH of bees, at least one other QAL I've joined, and more blocks for the Heal circle...and I know there will be more...and it's likely whatever doesn't get done this quarter will roll into the next.  Plus, I have a bunch of Christmas projects to put in here as well as more work for Rachel's hand sewing, wish me luck.

Me and my new machine (yes, crap grammar, I know) got a LOT of work to do.

Go ahead and laugh at my list...I know I am.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Help me out, Chelsea!

I don't know if I'm still eligible, but I've got a quilt I've been stuck on for a while.
I'm hoping that maybe Chelsea will pick me and help me out of my rut.

pins & bobbins

See, I made this quilt MONTHS ago as part of a QAL.  (The Stained QAL run by Sarah over at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard.)
It is currently one of my all time favorite tops.  (Yes, I can say that, the other one I think may top it isn't actually done yet.)  It's sitting in a chair, unfinished.

It was, perhaps, the beginning of my love of fuschia and lime together.

Stained Quilt top, finish!

I think it's about 45 by 55 ish.  I just don't know how to quilt it,  and I'm terrified of ruining it.
I was thinking maybe bubbles in the pinks, following the diagonals in the ironwork, straightlines? I'm open.  I really just want something that will ADD to it, not take away from it.

Help me, Chelsea!

rolling, rolling, rolling...

I've got a huge "to do" list today.
Making minor headway.
I finished my first block for the Running with Scissors bee.

Running with Scissors block for amyinuk

I did two triangle blocks for Shanna.

Sew Bee It Block June 2

Sew Bee it Block June 1

I got fabric to make a GIANT totebag out of this:

Star blossom done!

I'm more than a little in love with EPP.  Which is good because I have 4 corners of my quilt to do still.

I finished my July blocks for do.Good.stitches Heal circle:

Heal blocks July

My hands are tired and I think I'm done sewing for the day.  All the handsewing is taking a bit of toll on my hands.  I really wish I wasn't allergic to ibuprofen.  Blarg.
Happy weekend, y'all.

I still haven't picked a name for my machine.  I did like Festus...but he feels like he's got more of a Spanish/Italian vibe going on...I think.

Linking up:

There and Back

Monday, July 2, 2012

Something cool came home in my trunk today...

and it wasn't a dead hooker.  (Sorry, inside joke.)

It was this:


It's still in the box. I have two chores that have to be done tomorrow before I am allowed to open it.

It needs a name.  I think it's a he.  (Most of my mechanical objects are male, including my car.)
Any suggestions?  Whoever gives me the name I like best may get (hint hint) something nice from me.

The machine was my reward for finishing this:

Medallion, embroidery phase done!

I couldn't eat the sundae that Rachel said I'd deserve for finishing this.  So, I went in *cough* another direction.  The shopping process was a bit nerve-wracking.  I don't spend big money on anything.  Unless it's a new AC unit or something.  I was feeling a bit guilty.  (Why do we do that, ladies, when we really really want something and even save up money for it?!)  Then I sat there and realized that I sew a TON.  Sewing (and dance) are my de-stress activities.  So, I'm NOT going to let myself feel bad about getting something for me (especially since I've been saving for it for over a year).  SO THERE, Guilt Voice!

I still have to trace and cut out petals for my Soda Pop QAL, but I had to take some breaks from hand sewing the jewels on the Medallion above.  (Bite me, satin stitch.)
I stayed up til 4am last night and only managed to finish jewel #7.
I have to admit, I love how it came out, even if I wanted to punch whoever created the idea of satin stitch in the stomach after jewel #1.  (Not, you, Rachel, I meant whoever in ancient times created it.)  The background for my Soda Pop is done.  I love it ALOT.  I used some of my favorite designers fabrics for it.  Some Nightshade by Tula, some Castle Peeps and Hello Pilgrim! by Lizzy House, Nested (WAS SOOO glad to win some from Laurie herself) and Tufted Tweet by Laurie Wisbrun, some AMH, some Wrenly.  I'm thinking the addition of the petals will make it all pop more.  I, um, just need to cut those.  Yeah.
Anyway, I'm loving this quilt HARD.

soda pop background

I've got my scrap bin sorted into colors.  (I looked like a walking piece of thread after I did it.)
Tomorrow, I will get through my required chores and bust that box open.  In the meantime, any names you want to throw my way will be pondered.