Monday, September 30, 2013

FAL, Quarter 3

My list for the third quarter was overly ambitious (not that the 4th quarter list won't be even longer/insane).  To be honest, there are a few projects on there that just aren't floating my boat right now (wonky star quilt) but I'm keeping them on lists just because 1.  I need to keep tabs on how many UFOs I have and 2.  I might change my mind and like them again.

she can quilt

I blogged about my list here.

For the purposes of linking up, I'm only including pics here of finished UFOs.  Here's the current status of the projects listed:

1.  HST Project Linus quilt:  Not done yet.  Perhaps in the next day or so.

2.  Sewing Summit mini:  Done!
Sewing Summit Mini, Done!

3.  Tula skirt:  This is on hold until my weight stabilizes.  I don't want to sew up a skirt that I can't wear for very long.

4.  Halloween spider web quilt: Done!  Man, I love this quilt.  I have it hanging on a railing right now so I can pet it each time I walk by it.
Halloween Spiderweb done!

5.  Red/purple quilt:  Done!
Red/Purple quilt

6.  Hexy MF:  Blarg.  I still have to pull out all the papers and finish the last stages of applique.  My intention was to finish this one during Selfish Sewing week, but that week got shot to hell.  I have to finish this one and find some place to send it to get it long armed.  Suggestions still welcome.

7.  Mom's Quilt:  Done!  Yay!  I have one Christmas present done.
Mom's quilt, completed!

8.  Converging corners quilt:  I'll be honest.  This one falls solidly in the "not floating my boat" category.  I've made a couple of blocks, but they are fidgety and take lots of cutting...and frankly, I have other things I'd rather mess with.

9.  String block quilt:  Done.  And a major disappointment.  Seams popped.  I thought I could tie it but apparently the batting I used (which was a brand I don't usually use) was kind of crappy and needed far more tying than I did...and it shredded.  So, I've given it to the dog until he digs it apart and then it's going in the trash.
string block quilt finished!

10.  Scrappy Tripalong:  Done!  And I made two more postage stamp tops when I was on a roll.
Scrappy Tripalong

11.  Wonky Star quilt:  On hold.  In the Meh basket.

12.  Retro Rubies:  Ditto.  I have to be in a mood to sew curves.  And I haven't been.

13.  Pillow cases:  Done!  I just bought fabric to make one the octopi are upside down on mine.  (They turned out to both be left side of the bed pillowcases...Yes, I am OCD and I can't bear an upside octopus....or the cuff on the wrong side.  I've already been laughed at by the husband.)
Octopus pillow case (hubs' version)

14.  Orphan NY Beauty block:  Sitting in a pile of orphan blocks.  I have plans for them in the 4th quarter.

Seven, maybe 8 by the end of the deadline, finishes out of 14.  My worst record so far.  But I have plans to crank out many of the tops sitting in piles for the 4th quarter.  And I have all the bits I had planned for the Selfish Sewing Week to reschedule.  So, the next list will be EPIC.  Let's just hope it's not EPIC Fail.  *ahem*

Friday, September 27, 2013

ALYOF September Finish

After petering out of August's goal, I was worried September would be a repeat performance.

Not so!

I set as my goal finishing the Dogwood Blossom quilt (click here to see the details).

This past faux Sewing Summit weekend, I finished it.

Dogwood blossom top

the back:
Dogwood back, completed

I hand quilted around each blossom using perle.  I machine quilted (using a teal Aurifil) in the sashing.

I really love it.  I loved learning the new techniques, having never really appliqued before.  I don't, however, think it's supposed to stay with me.  My relationship with quilts is weird.  I kind of "know" when it's supposed to stay with me and when it's for someone else.  I just haven't figured out who yet.   Hrm.

Anyway, it's done!  So wooooo!  GOAL!!!!!!

Now,  I just have to pick something for October.  Hrm (again).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week

So, it's

I'll be honest, life is kind of kicking my plans in the crotch-al area.
Today, no sewing.  I went to the chiro.  Much readjusting.

Tomorrow, a visit to the dentist to check to see if I cracked a filling.

Wed, our parent night/meeting.

Thurs, the car has to go into the shop.

So blarg.

My goals:

Sew on the Marcelle.  I've wanted to do one since I first saw it.  This one is all for ME.

Sew a pouch for me.  With a churn dash on it.  Because I love them.

So there.

Small goals.  Doable, mayhaps?

What about you?  Are you selfishly sewing?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I threw myself a Sewing Summit.

I went last year.  Couldn't afford this year/it was too early in the school year.  Uber excited to go to Stash Bash in the spring.  (Dates announced this weekend.)

So, I worked on the Sewing Summit Mini from Amy Ellis' precision piecing class last year.  The top is now complete.

Sewing Summit mini, top completed

I finished the Dogwood Blossom quilt.  (more pics of this when the weather isn't crap)

Dogwood, washed and crinkly!

I sewed the backing, basted, quilted...and am working on binding mom's quilt.  Honestly, in my head it was MUCH much bigger.  (Actually about 72" square.)
Mom's quilt, quilted!

I also completed my Penny Candy blocks for the Penny Sampler.

I finished my star blocks for the 3x6.
3x6 blocks, Hive 2

And, I sewed a triangle row on my Marcelle Medallion.
Marcelle progress

Now, I am going to watch Dr. Who and sew on binding.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yay! Pattern testing for Sew Sweetness!

Well, I'm not at Sewing Summit, but I get to write about someone I first saw in person at Sewing Summit--Sara at SewSweetness.

She designs glorious bags.
I got to test for one she's just released today, her Aragon bag.

Although it's intended to be a diaper bag, I'm going to use it for gear, either dance or school.
It's a really polished bag.  Sara gave great directions for zippers, and I think this is the best I've ever done with them.  I sewed mine with Collage, mostly because I love the line and needed *ahem* an excuse to buy some.  I've since used up all the text bits I had except for some tiny scraps, and I may need to restock some.

The bag is really gorgeous in its design.  I'm definitely not an expert bag maker, but Sara gives such great directions (with pictures) that even the more challenging elements aren't too hard to handle.

Here's my finished bag:

The inside (when flipped inside out):

Aragon interior

I hear she's got a book coming out.  *adds it to my Xmas list*  So, ahem, click on over to her blog and see all the glorious versions out there.  Sara's awesome!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


So, I survived camping with my class.

I'm exhausted.  Finally clean.

My highlights included:

* making my kids laugh because my cheerleading style is decidedly cheesy (as in "WOOOOOO....(insert kid name here) is a ROCKSTAR!  Climbin' that wall like a boss!)

*Getting to see the sunrise at a gorgeous outdoor chapel.

*fixing boo boos from climbing (makes me feel useful and they were all minor)

*watching a lot of proud grins

*getting begged to read aloud at bed time  (I start the morning with a read aloud book.)

*seeing actual stars

*no rain

*seeing live cicadas

The lowlights:

*living on cukes and salad and cereal because of food allergies

*being in pollen/dust/lots of allergy triggers

*almost stepping on a copperhead

*being woken up by two students who "couldn't sleep because someone is snoring"

*getting up before dawn for the hike to the outdoor chapel for sunrise

So, maybe no sewing tomorrow.  I am still wiped after napping for 4 hours when I came home.  And, now the lowgrade and sore throat are back.  Blarg.  Gotta get through a whole school day tomorrow.  Also, on the upside, my hubs got me takeout on the way home because I hadn't eaten a normal meal in 3 days.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Marcelle Medallion...or how I'm easily sucked in...

Ok, so, I really wanted to make a Marcelle Medallion this summer.
And....I didn't.

I kind of ran out of time.  I've even let my FAL list fall to the wayside.  (*gasp*Shocking, I know!)

The I signed up for Rachel at Stitched in Color's Penny Sampler class, which I am totally digging:

Penny Sampler so far!

I saw the Marcelle Medallion QAL (#mmqal on instagram) posted up at Penny Poppleton's blog.

I need another project like I need a hole in the head.  I mean, school is back in session.  I have stacks of papers to grade already.  I'm going camping with 6th graders for 3 days in another state. I'm in the Penny Sampler.  I'm trying to keep up with the Sisters Modern Ten BOM.  (FINALLY caught up on that one.)  I have a quilt to make for our guild.  I have a bunch of other quilts in progress.  So, um, I was TOTALLY going to just watch from the side lines....until...Lisa at ModernBalabusta (another incredibly awesome lady I got to meet in person at Sewing Summit last year) asked me if I wanted a copy of her paper piecing templates for the center.  I'm not good at paperpiecing.  Did that stop me?  Nope.  I said "sure!" and planned on putting them in a file with the pattern for the quilt.

And, um, that steely resolve lasted all of 12 hours?

So, yeah....I pulled fabric and started.

Marcelle Medallion, first installment

 I have NO idea how/if I can keep up with the QAL.  Frankly, the next year scares the bejeesus out of me.  Even cutting that many triangles seems daunting.

So, apparently, I get sucked in easily.  (This also explains why all the ice cream commercials leave me wanting some, right?)

Bess top pattern release!

So, today, I'm breaking my blog lazy streak....Two, count 'em, TWO posts today.

Rachael over at imaginegnats is launching her Bess top pattern today.  It comes in a shirt, a tunic, and a dress version.

I was lucky enough to pattern test for her.

First, I LOVE Rachael.  She is an awesome lady, and I was super lucky to meet her in person when I was feeling all shy and awkward at Sewing Summit last year.

Second, I've been wanting to garment sew for a while.  I've tried my hand at a few skirts (loved the Cerisy Rachael posted and sewed a couple of Amy Butler skirts).  I've wanted to use some Jay McCarroll fabric I've had hoarded saved for a top.  I couldn't find a quilting cotton pattern I liked that was up to my garment sewing level.  Enter the Bess top.

Rachael's directions are super easy to follow.  Plus, you can use jersey knit as like a bias tape.  Lots of great pieces of technique and ideas that I've filed for future garment sewing.  Plus, the top is super comfy.  (And it coordinated with my colored hair.)  I'm just waiting for it to be not disgustingly hot to wear it on the regular.  (Right now I'm living in tank tops, the less strappage, the better.)  I can see more versions in my near future.  (Selfish sewing week, perhaps?)

Anyway, if you want to sew with quilting fabric (and who doesn't?!), try Rachael's pattern!

I'm loving my version:


Yes, I was told I look like a hippy.  (And, my mom hates my hair...*cough*not changing it back*cough*)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes, Sept Goal.

I'm still playing catchup.  (Block updates coming tomorrow.)

However, I wanted to make sure I got my Sept ALYOF goal up and linked.

I'm taking The Penny Sampler class, taught by Rachel from Stitched in Color.
If you are ever thinking of taking an online class, hers are fabulous.  Lots of good technique instruction, cool projects...Nope, I'm got getting paid for this.  I just highly recommend her!

The first big project she posted was the Dogwood Blossom pattern, as a quilt or as a pillow.  I had a FQ stack of Notting Hill that I've been waiting to use.  So, I went all out on the whole quilt.  I've got the top:

dogwood blossom, in progress
and the back done:

dogwood blossom, backing
Hoping to baste it tomorrow.

So, my September goal is to finish it!
I will need to get some binding purchased in order to do that....hrm.
Other goals:  quilt mom's ginormous quilt (so I can give it to her for Xmas)
                   CATCH UP!!!! (on overdue projects and blocks)

There are a bajillion awesome quilt alongs right.  (I saw  Marcelle Medallion one is going up tomorrow, but I just need to get some s*** done.)

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