Sunday, June 30, 2013

Q2: 2013 Finish Along...what got done...

Okay, so my FAL list for Quarter two might have been a bit Cray Cray.  Because I wasn't, maybe, trying to finish my school year or, you know, plan for a wedding.

It had 33 items on it. I blogged about it here.

Surprisingly, I got more done on it than I thought I would.  I apologize in advance for the crappy photos.  Some were from my iphone and, since the finishes need to be posted individually, I've had to enlarge bad photos.

Here's my report:

1.  Must Dash Quilt--Completed and gifted to faculty member for new son!
I finished it at the Stash Bash.

Must Dash done!

2.  Star Block bag--Done!

Star Block bag

3.  Orbit Quilt--I got the top done before Stash Bash.  Love this one.  Sad I missed the QAL deadline.

Orbit quilt, done!

4.  HST Project Linus quilt--yea, not really sure why I haven't finished this one.  Maybe because an older Project Linus quilt (which I think used some of the same fabrics) bled when I washed it.  (Even with color catchers)

5.  Bag #1 (khaki Irish chain)--

Bag #3 (white Irish Chain)

6.  Bag #2  (batik)

Bag #2 (batik)

7.  Bag #3  (white Irish chain)

Bag #1 (white Irish chain)

8.  Bag #4 (grey/black)

Bag #4
9.  Bag #5  (Red/black drunkard)

Bag #5 (red/black drunkard)

10.  Bag #6 (B/W/Green)

Bag #6 (B/W/green)

11.  Bag #7  (Malka)

Bag #7 (Malka)

12.  Bag #8  (B/W pinwheel)

Bag #8 (b/w pinwheel)

13.  Bag #9  (B/W swirl)

More bags!

14.  Bag #10  (red/black block)

Bag #10 (red/black block)

15.  Bag #11  (Orange Hope Valley)

Bag #11

16.  Bag #12 (blue/green)

Bag #12 (green/blue)

17.  Sewing Summit Mini--Yeah, didn't do it.

18.  Tula Skirt--gained weight.  Since I can't comfortably wear my other frog or the spider skirt in this pattern, I'll wait til I drop some weight to finish this one.

19.  Halloween Spider Web--got all the blocks done (and back).  It's got the binding on and part of the quilting done, but I decided to hand quilt it, so it will be done in July.  Progress, though!

20.  Red/Purple Quilt--on hold.  Still waiting on blocks.  Will hopefully finish this one in the next quarter.

21.  Heal Orange March quilt--done and delivered by Nicke!

Heal quilt

22.  Hexy MF--I've got this on my summer plan.  I really want it done.  I can't start another EPP quilt until I finish this one.

23.  Mom's Quilt--Still hanging in the closet.  I have to look it over.  I don't think it's mom worthy since I made it so early in my quilting career.  I question how good my seams are.

24.  Converging Corners--Not feeling it.

25.  Bridesmaid Clutch #1--Done!  and delivered.  I even made her a second one for her bday.

Bridesmaid Clutch #1

26.  Bridesmaid Clutch #2--Done!  and delivered

Bridesmaid Clutch #2

27.  Best Woman Clutch--Done!

Best Woman Clutch

28.  Infinity Scarf--Done!

Infinity Scarf

29.  String Block quilt--Uh, the supply box is still sitting in my car from Stash Bash

30.  Scrappy Trip Along--top done and the rest not.

31.  Wonky Star Baby quilt--still in bags from not getting it done at the Stash Bash.

32.  Secret 80s swap--Done!

I Love the 80s swap

33.  Pouch for Stash Bash...which I apparently forgot to take pictures of.  Elena over at Hot Pink Stitches got it.  (I swear.  I did it.  I was just trying to organize stuff and forgot the pic.)

So, 22 out of 33.  Not bad.

June ALYoF Fail...

So, I picked finishing my scrappy trip along baby quilt as my June goal.'s still hanging over my railing, just a completed top.

I haven't bothered to find backing fabric or binding....or baste it.

So, um..I've given up on June.

But, I have a goal for July!...and it won't be the scrappy trip along., I'm back! And I'm married!

I will have a ton of posts going up today...mostly about Finish Alongs.
This one will be the shortest, as I have yet to upload any pics to my computer from my phone or my camera (which, sadly, did not get used much as my shoulder didn't like it when the camera and a giant water bottle were in the load of stuff to drag around town).

So, here's a pic from one of my BFFs post ceremony.

I only had glasses off for the ceremony.  My eyes couldn't take them after the shoot with our photographer, so all the receptions pics feature glasses.

I think this was from the first dance...which may or may not *cough* have been Queen's "Fat-Bottomed Girls".

Summary:  I don't feel any different, any more "married" than I did before the ceremony.  That may be, in part, to being exhausted.  We both got hit with some kind of tummy bug on day 2 or 3 in DC and have yet to kick it.  Ugh.

Anyway, more pics forthcoming....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

*hyperventilating into a paper bag*

So I've been quiet.  Which is not to say that things have been quiet over here.
Mostly hectic, despite it being summer break.

Because....holy crap...I'm going to be a married broad (yes, I like that word) in less than a week!

I've given up on my June goals for the Year of Lovely Finshes.  It's not getting done.
Instead, I've made 2 Cerisy skirts.  (One is coming with me on the honeymoon.)
I've been working on my Halloween spinning star.  It's at the adding more hand quilting, binding is already sewn on stage.  I think that will be my last finish for June.

(I'll have time to get it done post honeymoon.)

I'm tired.  My face is peely.  (My stress/food allergy reaction of late.)
I hate the moments leading up to flying.

On the plus side, I'll actually get to see my dad on Father's Day.  I'm heading up, leaving The Pirate to tidy up loose ends on this side.

I'll be around, on Instagram and Twitter (EllaThrowawench), but I probably won't be doing much blog posting til I get back...or at least until I'm a married broad.

Eep.  Wish me luck, peoples.  I'm not sure what I'll do without a sewing project to keep me from going nuts, but I just don't have room to pack one.  I may have to do a Joann's run tomorrow.

Friday, June 7, 2013


So, I drew a winner for the Travelin' Stash.

It's #5, Monica!

I'm emailing you.  As soon as I hear back, I'll post it ASAP.

I didn't work on the Halloween quilt today.  Um..I ran errands (hunt for a new living room rug and a new case for my old iphone)...
Also, I made Cerisy skirt from an imaginegnats tutorial.

It's reversible.  I'll post up pics later.  If you follow me on instagram (EllaThrowawench), I posted it there already.  Hilariously, the new iphone case matches the colors of the skirt.

I definitely see more of these in my future, maybe for honeymoon wear, especially if my ribbed fabric order gets here quickly.  Wooo!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Goal..ALYOF

June's goal is kinda stumping me.

Right now, I'm trying not to stress I have to fit in my wedding dress in 18...holy crap...18 days.

I really need to get 3 FAL projects done:
my HST project Linus quilt
the Scrappy Tripalong
the Halloween quilt.

Realistically, I'm going to go with finishing the Scrappy Tripalong.

Scrappy Trip in progress

I think it may be baby sized.  The top is done. I just have to find a back and all that.

I'd love to get the other 2 done as well, but I'm kind of stressing out with cleaning, packing, writing vows. I could go into full on no sleep summer mode and power through. Just not sure.

Trying to hang on for one more day....and to not eat the entire pint of Ben and Jerry's.

Traveling Stash!

The Traveling Stash came for a visit from Angie over at mystitchstory!

Here it was when it arrived:

Traveling Stash

Traveling stash

I've take a few bits out and added in some lovelies from my stash (partial views below).

Traveling Stash

Now it's your turn to throw your hat into the drawing, if you so desire.

The Rules:
*Be an active blogger--post about receiving the box and the giveaway in a timely manner.
*Update the travel log in the bod to let others know where the box has been.
*There is a list of rules and guidelines in the box.  (To keep items in the box quality!)
*You may take any items from the box, just be sure that you are replacing them with quality and comparable items.
*Ship the box to the next person timely--and communicate tracking info with recipient.
*Shipping is within the US only.  (It's a med. flat rate priority box.)

I'll leave it open until Friday at 5pm EST.  If I can get ahold of the winner over the weekend, it will wing the winner's way on Monday!

In other news, I got to hang out with the oh-so-awesome Marla from SewHungry and the last day of school is tomorrow.  (AND OMG, the wedding is 18 days away.)