Friday, September 2, 2011

Trying to hold on...

because the second half of today got stressful...but I had this moment last night...well, you'll see.

The kids were wired at day's end. Not surprising. Three day weekends tend to do that.
My knitting class didn't make, so it got cancelled. Honestly, I was hoping it would happen but I wasn't surprised because I had to move the day it was held. I knew there'd be some drop off.

I had to take The Kraken to the vet; poor kitty is missing fur around her eyes. Trust me, being itchy ain't fun. She ended up getting a steroid shot. Verdict seems pretty strong in favor of allergies for her, too. I was rushing home to grab a bit and snag the kitty to take her to the vet, I discovered the AC was out. The catch pan was full of water.

While this might not phase someone else, I was ready to sit down and cry. You see, despite the fact that my AC unit is less than 2 years old, I have had a bevy of problems...which resulted in learning about 2.5 months ago that the unit was not installed properly and the source of the coolant leak that had been getting progressively worse over a year (resulting in unit freezing, melting, and turning off) was a bad solder at the connection point. At that very last visit, it had worked for less than 48 hours before it froze. I was ready to call it day.
But I didn't. I called the emergency service. They promised to try to fix it today.

Then I headed off to the vet. The Kraken was very good, lovey almost. Even when she got her shot. Yes, folks, she's a weird weird cat. The AC folk called me during the vet visit (despite the fact that I had asked for a note to be put in that I was gone under 6:30 or 7 at the vet). It was about 5:20. *sigh*
Got home, waited for tech.
He arrived. He said it wasn't a coolant issue. Instead, it's a drainage issue. The drain plug/hole/thingie is cracked. It make the seal fail and dripped water into the pan instead of the drainage pipe. So he rerouted it. But I might need a new drain pan. *sigh*
did I mention that this unit is less than 2 years old?!

Anyway, I'm trying to hold on to a moment.
That I had last night.
Because it's one of THOSE moments.
The ones you get (if you are lucky) as a teacher that carry you through.

I went to see a student show last night because a batch of my former 6th graders were in it. Some of them are seniors now. Anyway, it was odd/a bit surreal to see them older, to realize some of them are almost done.
I sat there, enjoying the music...taken by surprise at times by kids I had never really heard sing before. (One stole the show in a Hairspray number.)
Anyway, sometimes after shows, I run...especially if I'm tired. Because I find being with/interacting with so many people tiring. I'm not shy, but I only have so much reserves.
This time, I decided to stay. Mostly to thank the senior who had come by my class to invite me (and who had made sure there was a ticket waiting for me at the box office because I'd told him I'd come but couldn't get up the HS to get a ticket). While I was hugging kids and gushing, one of my old students...who I think is a sophomore (and who was BRILLIANT in a piece from The Putnam County Spelling Bee)...came up to me and hugged me...and said,
"Thank you! You know, you started this all for me. My first real time on stage was the class play. I haven't stopped since!"
See, I write a class play for my kids every year. It's a labor of love. I give up time with my family over Xmas break to write it. I sweat blood (and one year, tears) trying to crank out an hour long show for approximately 30 kids. It's sense of humor...on the page. Then there are rehearsals for a month and a half, designing and sewing costumes, building props, and fretting.
And I got my glorious moment.
A sophomore boy, with a big hug, tons of talent, and a thank you.
Most teachers don't get a "Dead Poet's Society" moment.
And I'm going to hold on to mine...