Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP wed 2.29.12

Today I got to be the Oracle of Delphi.
Kids gave me offerings, mostly chocolate.
One kid insisted I take an entire cake home.
Holy chocolate abundance. I had trouble carrying it all home.
I ate ALL the chocolate covered pretzels as soon as I got home.
I ate the slice of homemade chocolate pie after dinner.
Oh my goodness...I have two girls who really want to be bakers.
One of them makes the best frosting I've EVER had.
I'm freezing part of the booty...or I'll eat it all by tomorrow.

I got a few things done yesterday. Today was just about trying to get tax stuff ready.

I'm caught up on my Sew. Happy. Quilt blocks.

Sew. Happy. Quilt. Quatrastar

Sew. Happy Quilt. HST block

Quilt for Kids block:
Asterix for Quilts for Kids

Oh..I never posted my Cyclops hats. I had fun making them:
Cyclops hats

Tomorrow, I'm attacking a GIANT to do list of sewing...
Friday will be cleaning..and maybe more sewing.

Tentative To Do List:

Apron for Pirate
Finish FTLOS big object
New Bee Block for's stumping me
Neutral and Not block
2 stars for Heal circle at Do. Good. Stitches
top finish and back finish and basting of Rockin Robin
secret finishes (2)

I'm sure there is more....