Monday, September 5, 2016

Some finishes, some progress....

School has started up again.

I'm working on finishing stuff up.  I have a stack of tops waiting to be basted and a quilt needing hand quilting.  Add to that a number of projects I've added to....heh.

Here's some prettiness.


Starlight Stardark for me


Starlight Stardark for L

starlightstardark for L

Batch of bags for my knitting crew
knit bags

Second batch
knit bags 2

Medallion quilt for Pulse
Modern Medallion for Pulse

Hospice 3
Hospice 3

Hospice 1
Hospice 1

Hospice 2
Hospice 2

Machine cover
Machine cover

Also finished but not photographed:  Punk Love and the Sidekick for me


Summer Solstice quilt top


Epic Sampler quilt top

There's more.....gonna keep on plugging til the end of Sept.!

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