Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Giveaway and post 200!!!!!

I'm fashionably *cough* late on my 100 follower giveaway, but here it is. Ironically on post 200!

 So, two big milestones. My original plan was to giveaway a fat quarters, but I'm going to do a giveaway with a slight twist. Some audience participation, as it were. I picked out 2 fat quarters from my LQS during a shop hop to give away to followers. I'm still giving those away.

These are the FQs in question:
Malka giveaway

 Here's where the twist comes in. I will also give you 1 yd in addition to these FQs, in the form of either a straight yard or 2 half yards, of a line of your choosing, as long as it's available at my LQS...luckily, my LQS is pretty awesome. So, you can request more of Malka or give me a line or a designer you love (just not Melody Miller or Kokka...because as much as I love y'all, I can't manage $25 a yard with postage...) ESPECIALLY since I'm making this open to International Folks and the postage on top of Kokka would kill me.

 So....this is for followers only. Give me a favorite designer or line (not out of print) that you are loving. I'll try to make it happen if you win!

 Comments will be open until Friday, around 9pm EST. I'll mail the package out this weekend if you're domestic, by Monday if you aren't. WOoooo!!!!!! Thank you, dear followers, who make blogging fun and some of whom I look forward to meeting at Sewing Summit!

 And, for other picture-y goodness, more bee blocks: 3x6, Hive #9, for QueenSonia2001 3x6m Hive #7, for franswimmer 3x6, Hive #7, for lookswhatladyfacemade 3x6, Hive #7, for kimizaki 3x6, Hive #7, for mommaof4yoopers 3x6, Hive #7, for ChandraWu 3x6, Hive #7, for coop233