Saturday, June 30, 2012

2nd Quarter FAL report...

Okay, I did better than I thought I would, honestly.  And I probably could have finished one more of the unfinished 3, but I kind of lost momentum.  Besides which, new projects are mounting quickly.

Soooo....drum roll.  I finished 11 out of my 14 proposed UFOs.

Here's the update:
1.  Red, Grey, Black Quilt from bee blocks.  Sadly, I decided to hand quilt this one and got pretty much nowhere.  It will end up back on the list for next quarter.  It IS basted though.

2.  First quilt using Skill Builder Blocks.  DONE.  Not my best quilting, but it's being used as a throw around the house right now.
Skill Builder#1 done!

3.  Vintage-y quilt #1 (from pattern testing for Bijou Lovely).  DONE.  I gifted this one to a co-worker who is having her first child, a little girl.  She cried.  I can't wait to meet her daughter who is due by September.
Vintage #1

4.  Vintage-y quilt #2.  DONE. This one will be gifted to a charity.  I just haven't decided if it will head to Project Linus or go to the quilt drive for the wildfires in CO.
Vintage #2

5.  Sew.  Happy Quilt.  DONE.  I did actually handquilt this one. It is currently in the closet because the dog is sleeping on the bed and was getting it dirty too fast for my liking.
Sew Happy Done!

6.  Postage Stamp quilt.  No progress actually made on this one.

7.  The Lawn Chair Quilt #1, aka jellyroll quilt. I started this a while ago from a Moda tutorial using Happy Zombie's Lawn Chair quilt pattern.  DONE.  It's going to be a picnic quilt for the Pirate's car.
Lawn #1, done!

8.  The Lawn Chair Quilt #2.  see above.  The Pattern yields two quilts.  DONE.  I'm not sure if I'm keeping this one or donating it to CO.
lawn#2, done!

9.  The boxy bag for Trollop.  It was done AROUND her birthday but I'm gifting it to her in person (with goodies stuffed inside) when I see her in person in August.

boxy bag for Trollop

10.  Cosmic Burst QAL/Precious QAL.  I cut up some of my hoarded Parisville for this QAL.  DONE.  I finished this one and LURVE it.  No one gets to use it but me (not that the rest of the house is fighting me for it.)
Cosmic Burst/Precious

11.  My random Farmer's Wife blocks.  DONE.  I made my three measly blocks into a cute table runner.
Farmer's Wife runner

12.  Prayer Flag quilt.  DONE.  It must have been missing a bag of blocks somewhere because it came out as a throw rather than the ginormous quilt I made for my mom.  This one was initially tagged by The Pirate for his picnic quilt but will instead be donated somewhere.
charm with back

13.  The Pirate's last shopping bag.  DONE.  He's using it today to go shopping at the Farmer's Market.
Orange Bag, Finished!

14.  Stained Quilt.  I *still* don't know how to quilt this one, and I'm terrified of ruining it.  I really really really love this one.  Any advice would be welcome.

So.....11 out of 14.  Not bad.  Next quarter's list is going to be probably at least as long and I won't have all summer to finish it.  Plus the Sewing Summit is adding to my To Do List.  Did I mention I'm taking Rachel's Hand stitching Class or that I joined 2 QALs and a throwdown?


2012 Finish-A-Long

Thank you, Rhonda, for helping me keep the house in somewhat of a state of order rather than piles upon piles of projects.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I think it's been almost a week since I blogged.
I met some gloriously awesome peeps at Whipstitch.
Jacey, Rachel, Nicke, Maureen, Holly, and Jessica.  Jacey's super awesome.  Nicke gives amazing hugs.  I was a bit of a geek and showed Rachel my medallion from the class she's teaching.  I didn't really get a chance to talk to Amanda or Ara Jane, but there was shopping accomplished!  (Maureen, Holly and Jessica, I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you more.)

I had to leave early because I had a FMQ class with the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild.
While I learned a lot in abstraction, I didn't really "get" anything done.  My thread kept breaking.  I'm pretty sure there is a burr on my foot.  (It is a modified one.)
It made me REALLY want a new machine.  I have some money set aside for one, but I'm ridiculously intimidated by buying one.  (It kind of feels like buying a car....which, if I went the Bernina route, I probably could.)

I've been sewing sewing sewing, mostly by hand.

I finished all the embroidered HSTs.  I *still* don't have a pic.
Here's the last one I took of it:

Medallion in process

I finished two other items on my Finish Along list (today):

boxy bag for Trolloplawn#2, done!

I think I've gotten 11 out of 14 done for my Finish Along this quarter, and I don't think I can get the final three done. (Red, White, Black is in the snap frame still, Stained is in a pile, and the postage stamp hasn't been sewn on at all.)  My walking foot is acting unhappy.  (Cue violin music and more desire for a new machine)

I started sewing for the Soda Pop QAL, but all I have pic wise are my squares (before sewing)

Soda Pop

I also have a crapload of hexies sewn for the Hexy MF.  (I can't get that pic off my camera.)

I feel like I've got major sewing ADHD.

On an unrelated note, I've successfully stuck to Weightwatchers for a week.
I've eaten a ton of veggies this week and feel great.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

One would think I'd post more...

since I'm on a break.  Or that I'd be on track with all my projects.
Well, I reupped at Weightwatchers today.
And I Zumba'd with a slightly sadistic (not my usual) instructor yesterday. Wasn't a huge fan of her style...which involved threatening.
I have all my squares cut for my Soda Pop Raspberry Beret quilt.  Haven't started sewing it or cutting out petals yet.
I've been hand basting hexies for the Hexy MF.  I'm still waiting for some more fabric to come.
I'm 1/8 of the way done with my hand embroidered HSTs on my Medallion for Rachel's (Stitched in Color) Handstitching class.
I'm caught up on bee blocks for June.  They're actually the only photos I have to share right now.

New Bee on the block:
New Bee on the Block, June block

Heal Circle (do.good.stitches) June blocks:

Heal, June block Heal, June block/>

Neutral and Not block:

Neutral and Not, June block

The last one is really my favorite.  I'm going for a black/white/one color combo for my next Nubee.

I'm going back to embroidering...I'll post a pic of that tomorrow!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

More finishes!

Last night I got distracted from making the boxy bag and finished a really *cough* ugly *cough* table runner from Quilt Guild blocks.
It was weird and wouldn't lay flat.  So I washed it.  It's still not gorgeous, but it is, at least, mostly flat now.

table runner with cat

Even Kraken can't believe I made this.
I hurt my back quilting the crap out of this.

So, I finished three things this weekend.
Lawn #1 (from Happy Zombie's Lawn Chair quilt pattern over at the Moda Bakeshop).

Lawn #1, done!

I really like the Farmer's Wife block runner:

Farmer's Wife runner

I picked out my fabrics for the Camp Thimble quilt.  Tomorrow the embroidery bits of it begin!

Handstitched quilt fabric
Center Medallion

I've also started on my Hexy MF...which I already know I'm modifying.
I'm using this:

Hexy MF choices

and I'm doing the Soda Pop QAL with bits of this stack:

Fabrics for Soda Pop, pull 2

Gonna call it Raspberry Beret.

This should clear out 2 stacks.  But I still need to stash bust in a MAJOR way.
*cough* especially since my bday is in August and I'm pining after the new Lotta, Chicopee, and Tula's new line.  (not in that order...I'm DYING for the Tula).

I'm linking up to Pat Sloan's UFO bust,

Ellison Lane Quilts, QAL Local Honey Crafts .

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trying to clear the decks....

I have a lot of projects on a lot of burners.  I'm feeling the pressure to clear out some old stuff.

Here's my old Finish-Along list for the 2nd quarter.  I'm updating it as of today.  Pics forthcoming.  So far 9/14 with #10 on the roster to do today.

1. Red, Grey, Black Quilt from bee blocks.  Still sitting in the snap frame.  haven't been handquilting it.

2. First quilt using Skill Builder Blocks.  Done.

3. Vintage-y quilt 1.  Done.

4. Vintage-y quilt 2. Done.

5. Sew. Happy. Quilt. Done.

6. Postage Stamp quilt. No real progress made.

7. The Lawn Chairs Quilt #1, aka jellyroll quilt .  Done.  Currently in the dryer.

Lawn #1, done!
8. The Lawn Chairs Quilt #2. Still needs to be basted.  Front and Back are done.

9. The boxy bag for Trollop. On to do list for today.

10. Cosmic Burst QAL/Precious QAL. Done.

11. My random Farmer's Wife blocks. Done.  Made them into a table runner thingie.
Farmer's Wife runner
12. Prayer Flag quilt. Done.

13. The Pirate's last shopping bag.  Done.

14. Stained Quilt. The top is done. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jinkeys, y'all!

I can't post pictures...
but, um, I found a dress.
I think THE dress.
It needs altering but I think cutting the train will result in enough fabric to let it out some.
Mom and the MOH both liked it.
The Pirate asked for pics and I had to explain to him that he doesn't get to see the dress.
Until the wedding.
Heh.  He thought it applied only for the day of the wedding.  Heh.
Also, wooo, dress from the Goodwill.  So, no major budget eater.
And, I think my aunt can alter it around Xmas time when I am hopefully in better shape.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some bag love...

Ok, loyal followers, you've already seen part of this post.
Sorry about that.
I'm entering this bag over at Ellison Lane Quilts' Summer Sewing linkup.

Ellison Lane Quilts

I made this bag for this summer.
The lime green and the natural colored bits are linen.
The pockets on the outside are a coveted Kokka trefle comic book fabric.
I'm trying to work more color into my life.
Too many years of living in NYC morphed my wardrobe into mostly blacks, grays, and browns.
I've loved carrying around my 241 Outfoxed bag, but I took a long time coming to make a Go Anywhere bag by Noodlehead, even though I've had the pattern for a while now.

It took me far longer than I thought it would to put it all together.  Part of that was due to my suffering a severe case of "Ooo....shiny" coupled with anxiety about flying.

But, anyway....
I'm loving it.  I wore it to a gallery opening last night.
The director (a straight dude) complimented me on it.
I can see many more of these in the future...even if they take a while to do.

Summer Bag!

Plus, when you're waiting for someone, it's fun to read the comics.
I'm amazed at how much stuff I could potentially cram in this thing.  It may double as a knitting bag.

In other news, I finished the first version (using eco-felt) of the needlebook for Camp Thimble.

Needle Case Exterior
I am making another before I shift over to the wool felt.
I've postponed making the medallion for the quilt until I'm back in my sewing grounds.

Soooooo going through sewing withdrawal.
Also...have not gotten much further with wedding issues.  Thank you all for the advice.  It's helped peel me off the ceiling a bit.
Also...pms and stressful planning are a BAD combo.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

wedding advice? to plan a wedding.
This may be triggering my OCD/making me crazy/leading me to fight with my family.

 We were originally thinking about something small and intimate.
 I think our guest list is getting bigger.

 I thought it was going to be AT my parents'; now it looks like we'll have to have a venue because there are too many people.

 I was thinking something non-traditional. Like I'd be happy with a small ceremony and some kind of a meal that features foods I'm not allergic to. Oh, and cake.

 I'm not uber girly. I'm not even sure I want to wear white....or shoes.

 I don't have a sister. Even when I've been a maid of honor, my friends didn't really need/want much input.

 Um...I don't really know how to do this.

 Part of me just wants to say screw it and have a pirate wedding in Vegas. But then, I wouldn't be able to coordinate all my BFFs being there. And, I think my mom would kill me.

 How are you supposed to do this?
I'm not even sure where to start/which things to REALLY argue about.

 Also...I am experiencing MAJOR sewing machine/animal withdrawal. (I get to see the Pirate tomorrow.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I got all my Nubees blocks done and mailed for June.

Nubee, June, Hive #4 Nubee, June, Hive #4 Nubee, June, Hive #2 Nubee, June, Hive #4 Nubee, June, Hive #4 Nubee, June, Hive #2 Nubee, June, Hive #2, for illy23 Nubee, June, Hive #2, for asdesigned
 Caught up on a late block for the New Bee on the Block: wonky house, New Bee on the Block

I also finished my first project for Camp Thimble!
(I'm going to do more than one shirt...but now I have one to wear when I see my mom!)

Reverse Applique Tee
And, I have a lovely bag to go with me on my visit to see my folks.
It may be my favorite.  (I know I say this every time.)
It's comic booky.

Summer Bag! Summer Bag back

Gonna enter it in Purse Palooza and the Summer Sewing over at Ellison Lane Quilts.

Ellison Lane Quilts
Sew Sweetness

Friday, June 1, 2012

Last day of school...

It was my last day of school with my 6th graders today.
Man...I'm going to miss this bunch.  Some of them I've known since they were 4.
So, today was full of hugs, a few tears (yes, some of them were mine), and lots of singing, cupcakes, and laughter.

I'm kind of beat.  Tomorrow is a dance show.  I, um, know one of the two pieces and will be making up the other one either tomorrow or during the actual show.  We're performing at a dancer's house, and my one guest will be The

I'm dragging my butt up early tomorrow for an Atlanta Modern Quilt guild meeting.

I'm also linking up with the Fresh Sewing Day over at Lynne's/Lily's Quilts:

Lily's Quilts

I got a fair amount done in May, but I am still feeling (and am a bit) behind.

There was my Mini for Jenn's Play challenge.  (Thanks for all y'all that voted!)

Play Challenge, Ace of Spades

I finished my May Precious/Cosmic Burst quilt.  I have a purse planned for my June Precious project.
Cosmic Burst/Precious

There were bee blocks:

3x6, Hive #7 for Chandra Wu 3x6, Hive #7, for coop233 3x6, Hive #7, for mommaof4yoopers 3x6, Hive #7, for kimizaki 3x6, Hive #7, for lookswhatladyfacemade 3x6m Hive #7, for franswimmer 3x6, Hive #9, for QueenSonia2001 3x6, Hive #9, for megmormel 3x6, Hive #9, for debtrail 3x6, Hive #9, for jdderrick 3x6, Hive #9, for cbmauro8 IMG_0893 Nubee, May, Hive #4, for Brookquilt 3x6, Hive #9, for Lisaleh Nubee, May, Hive #4, for HevWam star for Michele Nubee, May, Hive #4, for allipage Nubee, May, Hive #4, for stampqnjl
 I finished the Modern She Made swap. This block got turned into a sewing machine cover. (still haven't uploaded the pics of the finished product.) Block for Swap Item
 I made an item for the Zakka sew along: Zakka Sew along

I have two matching quilts from my UFO pile in process.  (one is at the needs to be pin basted stage, the other has the quilting about half complete.)
I also have one that's been in the snap quilting frame for WEEKS.  I think I'm still on block #1.  Blarg.
I have to pick my fabrics and projects (and pack them up), along with Nubee June blocks for a trip to see my mom and dad...and the commencing of wedding planning.  Eep.

Linking up to Lily's Quilts!