Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some finishes...

I have had to put some hand sewing on hold.  I pulled a tendon in my hand, trying to force a stuck knob.  Lameness.  If only because I cannot take any anti-inflammatories (allergic allergic).  Yes, I'm praying I don't get arthritis when I'm older.  That means moving the appliquing of my Hexy MF to next week's to do list.   Which is a bummer.  I want to get it done and sent out to a long armer.

 (Of course, I still have to find one....if anyone has a recommendation, I'm all ears.)

Here's what did get done this Halloween Spider Web, aka my July goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes goal, posted here.

I finished it mid-July, but I've been apparently feeling blog apathy.

Anyway, I love it.

Halloween Spiderweb done!

Here's a bit of the back:
more spider web back

I hand quilted it, using perle.  I had a bit of an issue with bearding, but it seems to be minimized once it was washed.  Any tips on that anyone?

I have been on a scrap using bender.  I got tired of boxes of bits.

I used up almost all my Malka bits in the green and blue colorway.

Improv top
Improv back
I'm going to keep doing fronts and backs as I have lots of friends having babies.

I signed up for the Penny Sampler camp (my pre-bday present to myself) that Rachel at Stitched in Color is teaching.  I love her online class.

I think I'm going for a scrap back.  So I'm clearing out more scraps for that:

improv for a back

I still have to work on my postage stamp (bin cleared) quilt.  I'm 2/3 done with that.

Of course, I've barely touched any of the projects I have on my FAL list.  I'm working on a back and binding for the scrappy trip.  I *did* make pillow cases, but the octopi both face the same direction, which means that my pillow is upside down.  I may need, in my OCD nature, to make another one.  I don't know that I can bear upside octopi.  It makes me sad.  I have pics of those up on instagram, but I haven't uploaded them to flickr yet.

I will post this week.

I took the Aeroplane bag class (designed by Sarah from SewSweetness), taught by Allegory (AThousandNeedles) over at Fabricate in Atlanta.

I made an Echino version:
Aeroplane bag- Echino version

and a QAYG version using scraps from the Halloween spiderweb:
Aeroplane Bag--Halloween QAYG version

My zipper install wasn't perfect on either.  I have spatial issues with it.  I think I need to find more pics of that process for me to follow.

Also, we finally installed the FLOR tiles we bought pre honeymoon.  I'm still getting used to it, but I love the idea of more pet friendly carpeting.  (Please excuse the obnoxious leopard dog has a licking prob and the couch underneath needed protecting.)

new rug

Cross your fingers for me that my hand/wrist will stop hurting.  I need to offload the carload of school supplies to my classroom, and that will mean a LOT of carrying.