Monday, February 10, 2014

Quilt Delivered!

Got it done and delivered today, just in time for my friend to come back from the hospital.
Feb. ALYOF achieved!

He's doing really well.  He got let out early even.

I actually got a few pics before it was handed off.

David's quilt


The back:

David's back, whole shot

close up

I hand quilted on it using perle.  Used pretty much all but bits of my comma stash.  I love how happy it is, and how it's more masculine in tone.
The pattern is a variation on the Mosaic Tiles pattern from Modern Bee.  The original plan was to make the blocks monochromatic, but I liked the mixed colors better.  It reminded me a bit of Tetris, and he's a gamer, so it was a better fit.

There's nothing better than a crinkly quilt to recuperate under.  mmmmm...fabric hugs.