Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm feeling distracted...

I really really just want a few days to sew...
but that isn't happening until Monday.

This week is action packed. I've had a meeting with a teacher group, 2 afterschool classes, Zumba tomorrow, and my parent arrive for a visit (and an engagement dinner!) on Thursday. They'll be here for the weekend.

I ordered new glasses today. My old lenses had gotten really scratched up because I stupidly left them on the nightstand and The Kraken decided to play hockey with them.

All I got done today, other than grading and some tidying, ... bee blocks.

Sew Bee Blissful blocks:
Sew Bee Blissful, Jan blocks

I love the Echo!

Neutral and Not block:
Neutral and Not, Jan block

I still need to add a bird. Applique is not my best skill....

Here's some progress on my UFO Dead Simple Cross quilt:
dead simple cross quilt top, 1/2 way there!

It's halfway done. I have 4 more rows pieced, but I haven't had time to sew them together yet.
I hope to get it done tomorrow, maybe....if I have time before or after Zumba.

Then the machine goes into hiding and the sewing room resumes its status as a guest room.
*sad face*