Thursday, July 31, 2014

Block Flower and a Giveaway!

Some of you know about my love of pattern testing.
I think it's the editor in me...probably a teacher thing.

I've met some lovely folk online, so when Jess over at The Elven Garden asked if anyone was interested in pattern testing, my hand shot up with an "OOOOO..OOOO..PICK ME!!!" response.

Thankfully, she did.

Jess's patterns are lovely.  Not only does she give great directions, she's got lots of pictures!
She's just released The Block Flower pattern.

It's available on craftsy.  Pop on over to Jess's if you want to see the other testers' versions.

Mine is headed to join the other Wellspring donations this weekend.  It's not my usual color palette, but I wanted to match the house color suggestions.  I like that it's kind of soft and calm.  I hope the woman who sleeps under it feel loved.

Block Star quilt, for Wellspring

block star block

block star back

It's kind of hard to see...but I did an orange peel in the outline of each flower.

Jess has given me a copy of her pattern to give away.  If you read this far down, there aren't any hoops.  Just leave me a comment.  Feel free to suggest which project on my list I should attack next.

Edit:  I'll pick a winner Sunday night, closing entries at 9pm EST.

ALYOF---just under the wire July

I had set finishing my Hexy MF to send off to the long armer as my July goal.

Top complete!

To be honest, I put this one off until the last minute.  As in, I finished sewing it a few hours ago.  I was having trouble with the idea in my head.  Truthfully, I suck at drawing.  So, I used an Apple log for my apple with a bite out of it and a snake I found online, enlarged 400+times.  Then I used freezer paper and needle turned applique.  I'm sure I do it wrong, but it's good enough for me.

hexy mf

My inspiration was the Garden of Eden (since it's a Grandmother's Garden variant).  I figured Eve was the ultimate grandma.  Anywhoo, I'm hoping to mail it off tomorrow!

Also, I am an AMAZING procrastinator. In the time I was avoiding this quilt top, mostly in July, I finished the following:

Black/White/Color Quilt

The Wellspring Quilt
wellspring sampler

L's quilt  (it's actually quilted and bound...but not yet labelled and in need of washing still.)

My reversible knitting bag
reversible knit tote

4 knitting pouches for my knitting students
knitting pouches

a knitting pouch for me out of the orphan block
orphan EPP

sewed together my black knit cardigan  (no pics as I have to model it)

a yoda hat
yoda hat

my pastel hitchhiker shawl
pastel hitchhiker

pieced a Christmas Star quilt top (I think I'm going to use this for Jess's FMQalong)
Christmas Star

4 journals
the last round of needlebooks

so, um, yeah.  Lots done.  And Hexy MF off to a long armer!  My first time!