Friday, June 1, 2012

Last day of school...

It was my last day of school with my 6th graders today.
Man...I'm going to miss this bunch.  Some of them I've known since they were 4.
So, today was full of hugs, a few tears (yes, some of them were mine), and lots of singing, cupcakes, and laughter.

I'm kind of beat.  Tomorrow is a dance show.  I, um, know one of the two pieces and will be making up the other one either tomorrow or during the actual show.  We're performing at a dancer's house, and my one guest will be The

I'm dragging my butt up early tomorrow for an Atlanta Modern Quilt guild meeting.

I'm also linking up with the Fresh Sewing Day over at Lynne's/Lily's Quilts:

Lily's Quilts

I got a fair amount done in May, but I am still feeling (and am a bit) behind.

There was my Mini for Jenn's Play challenge.  (Thanks for all y'all that voted!)

Play Challenge, Ace of Spades

I finished my May Precious/Cosmic Burst quilt.  I have a purse planned for my June Precious project.
Cosmic Burst/Precious

There were bee blocks:

3x6, Hive #7 for Chandra Wu 3x6, Hive #7, for coop233 3x6, Hive #7, for mommaof4yoopers 3x6, Hive #7, for kimizaki 3x6, Hive #7, for lookswhatladyfacemade 3x6m Hive #7, for franswimmer 3x6, Hive #9, for QueenSonia2001 3x6, Hive #9, for megmormel 3x6, Hive #9, for debtrail 3x6, Hive #9, for jdderrick 3x6, Hive #9, for cbmauro8 IMG_0893 Nubee, May, Hive #4, for Brookquilt 3x6, Hive #9, for Lisaleh Nubee, May, Hive #4, for HevWam star for Michele Nubee, May, Hive #4, for allipage Nubee, May, Hive #4, for stampqnjl
 I finished the Modern She Made swap. This block got turned into a sewing machine cover. (still haven't uploaded the pics of the finished product.) Block for Swap Item
 I made an item for the Zakka sew along: Zakka Sew along

I have two matching quilts from my UFO pile in process.  (one is at the needs to be pin basted stage, the other has the quilting about half complete.)
I also have one that's been in the snap quilting frame for WEEKS.  I think I'm still on block #1.  Blarg.
I have to pick my fabrics and projects (and pack them up), along with Nubee June blocks for a trip to see my mom and dad...and the commencing of wedding planning.  Eep.

Linking up to Lily's Quilts!